Name Phoenixia
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Halloween Clipshow Here"

Phoenixia, while not an official agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society, is a resident in the Library Arcanium.


"The embodiment of sexy pretty, she knows all the tricks and invented some of herself. With her adult charm and broad personality, the chances of anyone saying no to not exist." - Adrian's Author on Phoenixia

Phoenixia is, in her own words, a "sentient, fully capable and naughty computer program". She is responsible for maintaining the security and smooth operation of the Library's computer systems, as well the operation of Adrian's Phoenix Zord. She also operates as the Library's 'help program', meaning that she can help an agent using the computer to do research, find information, retrieve data and so forth, such tasks requiring a miniscule amount of her attention, though the Agents are often unaware of Phoenixia's help. This remote assistance exists in a way much less than it was now that she is no longer a hologram. She also serves as Adrian's counselor and sounding board, challenging his plans and ideas in order to make sure he has thought them through well.

Alice gave her the nickname Nixie as a name-shortening. She accepts it with good graces, if a slightly baffled one sometimes.


Initially Phoenixia did not have an actual body. Adrian had tried in the past to get her an android body, but she dismissed the idea, only half-joking when she commented that none of the bodies had the chest size she wanted. She existed as a hard-light hologram, such as those in Star Trek and Red Dwarf, meaning she can interact with her enviroment around her like a normal person would. Though she could appear wherever she wanted in the Library, it required at least one holoprojector in the room and there were initially few rooms with functioning ones: the Society's computer room, the hangers, Adrian's and Tash's offices and bedrooms, and a few other ordinary book rooms on topics that she liked to read about. (Although Aster claimed that she had seen Phoenixia haunting her in the bathrooms...)

However, after the momentous battle with Death, she gained an actual body for herself, and is now free to go where she pleases.

During her time as a hologram, her appearence could theoretically be anything she wanted it to be, but she had a few set preferences. Now that she has a body, her ability to change her physical appearance has been limited somewhat by the constraints of flesh and blood. The most common look is a style and outfit similar to Adrian's: trousers, long-sleeved shirt and a trenchcoat, but she won't hesitate to change her outfit or appearance if needs be or at a whim. Her hair will usually be very long, somewhere between her waist and her knees if not done in an elaborate style and will be black/white most often. Her usual height is around 5'10" and this generally will not change as she does like being shorter or taller than other people. As for her bust size, it will usually be between DD-cup to an E-cup (which often inspires jealousy amongst other females, as she is still able to bear no ill effects from such a size), though she rarely goes above such a size, saying that she'd have to increase her height and body to compensate or suffer back problems. However, the only thing she cannot change about her appearence is her eye color; it has always been the same shade of violet as Adrian's.


Phoenixia is a very open individual and loves to flirt and tease naughtily, though occasionally she will express true interest in bedding a person, such as Tash...and anyone she succeeds with will have a night they will never forget, as she can change herself at will and knows every sexual trick in the book - even invented a few herself. However, she is not prone to forming long-term romantic attachments with anyone. This is not out of maliciousness or boredom with a person, but being a computer program meant she will not age and to her, it would be heartbreaking to watch a loved one age while she does not. This sentiment has not changed with the advent of her new body. She does, however, greatly enjoy sex as an activity and as long as the other person (or persons) understand that it is not a permanent arrangement, she will happily engage in sexual relationship with someone, though she is a bit picky about who it is though. (Adrian once commented that it was because no human alive could keep up with her.)

Despite all of it, though, her overt sexual nature is in good humor and she will easily set it aside when needed, or if she detects genuine uncomfortableness. She is a very caring and mothering person, and has excellent medical skills. Thanks to being able to download almost any information, is an expert masseuse, counsellor and anything else that might be required. However, just because she could learn how to do something nearly instantly, doesn't mean she does know it or will do it. (An example would be cooking - she could probably follow any recipe, but hates being in the kitchen.)


Season One[]

She first appeared in a flashback of the Society Hallowe'en special. During the flashback, she was encountered by Tash, who had sneaked into Adrian's private hanger in order to get a new spanner. Though the encounter was brief, Phoenixia enjoyed teasing Tash about her relationship with Adrian and lightly flirting with the British girl. She revealed little about her past and relationship with the Librarian, albeit confessing neither she nor Adrian are really sure she was born and implied that she has been around for centuries, making her almost as old as Adrian. After giving Tash the spanner and escorting her out, Phoenixia asked Tash not to reveal that Phoenixia existed to the other Agents, as experiences had taught them the necessity of keeping secrets, even from allies, in order to have an 'ace-in-the-hole.' However, it is implied that she also knows Emily, as she asked Tash to say hello to the young Sue before pushing the Chief Agent out the door and making it disappear. She later assisted in apprehending Xavier.

Phoenixia's existence became more well-known as time went on and she became more active in the Society's day-to-day activies. She played a key role during Willowe's invasion of the Library, finding the book needed to cure the sleeping spell the Agents are under, protecting Emily and Lily soon afterwards.

Season Two[]

During the Society's desperate battle against the Sovereign Death, Phoenixia, along with Emily, managed to jury-rig the Phoenix Morpher that had come with Adrian's Phoenix Zord so that Michael could morph into the Phoenix Power Ranger to battle the Sovereign. This gave her the opening she needed to get a synaptic-uplink headband onto him, allowing her to gain control of Death's body, as she treated his brain as nothing more than an organic computer. She promised him that he would die; when the Sovereign begged for mercy, Phoenixia vehemently refused to show him any before downloading herself into his brain, erasing everything that made Death an individual and effectively killing the unkillable Stu. Phoenixia gained Death's body in the process which, due to it's magical nature, reshaped itself to match her better. It is unclear what will happen now that Phoenixia possess a physical body, as well as how she will cope with experiencing things through it. However, regardless of what will happen and how, Phoenixia was clear on one thing - it was her turn to fight.

Later, Phoenixia took her first mission in the Devil May Cry fandom, accompanied by Tash, who was fulfilling a Librarian duty to retrieve a one-of-a-kind book that was located in the fandom. They ascended the tower of Temen-Ni-Gru, and after dropping Tash off in the tower's library, Phoenixia found the fandom's Stu, Edward Casanova. He insisted upon the fact he loves her and attempted to persuade her that they were lovers in the past. Phoenixia realized that he is a Stu created by an author to romance her in order to gain entrance to the Society. She refused his advances and the pair began to fight. They battled their way up the tower, Edward seemingly immune to the damage Phoenixia was inflicting on him. The ex-hologram used a Scene Transition to buy some time and get an advantage, combining her four guns into Incandescent Silverreign and blasting him with it. Though this seemed to kill Edward, he revealed that he had the power to Devil Trigger like other characters in the Devil May Cry fandom and easily gained the advantage on her, throwing her to the very top of the tower. Phoenixia attempted to blast him, but he knocked the gun away and then attemped to force himself on her, but Tash arrived and knocked him off the tower. The Leader readied herself to fight Edward, but Phoenixia palmed the Oneshot Tash had off her belt and took it, and grabbing Incandescent Silverreign, she transformed into angelic version of Devil Trigger. Phoenixia proceeded to brutally blast Edward and cripple him by shattering his arm and shooting off his wing. As he fell, she followed him and tore him in half at the waist before grabbing his throat, levelling her weapon at his face and pulling the trigger, ending his life.

During her second mission to the Matrix fandom, she encountered Runoa and two new Sovereigns - Life and Resolve. Though at first planning to flee, she instead attempted to kill Runoa after the ex-Librarian revealed something to her. Despite being able to hack the Matrix and give herself the powers of the The One, Phoenixia was barely able to match Resolve and after Tash intervened, Runoa easily overpowered her. The Agent fled and attempted to hide in the city to buy herself time to form a plan, but Runoa's calculated taunting and threat to wipe out the city to get to Phoenixia ignited a spark of rage in the former computer program. Utilizing her connection to the Phoenix Zord, she summoned it to the fight via a Plothole and Runoa engaged the Zord high in the sky. When her Divine Dragoon Armor proved unable to damage the Zord effectively, Runoa blasted it with an Epic Level spell. However, the Zord was tougher than Runoa thought and survived the grievious damage, managing to power up its finishing move which Runoa counteracted her Divine Dragon Cannon move. The resulting explosion sent both Zord and Sue crashing near a mountain. Despite losing a wing and sustaining heavy damage, the Zord managed to transform into Warrior Mode to continue the battle. Runoa managed to remove one of its arms, though losing her Divine Dragoon Armor in the process. However, her Super Sayian 3 mode was enough to overpower the Zord and impale it with its own weapon, defeating it. Phoenixia attempted to battle Runoa on her own, but was easily beaten. Runoa hit Phoenixia with the knowledge and supposed truth about her life and made an offer (supposedly death, but this is unconfirmed) to Phoenixia. Before the broken and worn woman could from a response, a new personality took over and nearly strangled the super-powered Sue. Though the fight between the new personality and Runoa was brief, the new personality showed much more extensive regeneration powers and shape-shifting than Phoenixia, even revealing Incandescent Silverreign to have a sword mode. Though the new personality was about to kill Runoa, Phoenixia intervenes and regains control. This pushed her body to its limit however, and she collapsed, unable to fight or move as Runoa prepared to kill her with the Gate of Babylon. However, before this could happen, she was rescued by a cloaked figure wielding a violet blade.

Her next mission was, thankfully, much less of a struggle than her first two. She gladly joined the team of ten venturing into the Rome fandom to engage Merle Ravensclaw. She was dressed as a male slave to fit in with the group's backstory. She went with half the group to hunt down Richard and Robert in the city's brothels, and ended up fighting the elder brother - who was not adverse to fighting dirty and stabbed her in the shoulder. It was not a wound which incapacitated her for long, however by the time she had got her bearings the twins had fled. Later she borrowed a figure-hugging stola and seduced Robert into the storeroom, effecting his capture with Rhia's frying pan. Despite the dangers of the fandom, she enjoyed it immensely.

With Valerie being the Society's resident healer, it was not often that Phoenixia had to utilize her medical training. However, after Alice's disastrous encounter with the Ak'Zahar in the Shadowleague fandom, where Valerie's healing ability was rendered powerless, she was forced into action, adminstering advanced first-aid and rushing Alice to surgery. During the next few days Alice's condition worsened due to the Ak'Zahar's potent venom, causing Phoenixia to doubt herself and her skills...however she soldiered on, and eventually Alice recovered.

After Adrian's return, the entire Society was mustered to rescue Aster. Phoenixia was left to disable most of the traps in the building, and eventually she located Aster (despite being taunted by the voice in her head). After some rudimentary first aid, she attempted to get Aster to the Manta, but the ship was unable to land due to Sovereigns on the ground. Phoenixia located the rest of the Society and gave the fae to Tash to take to the ship. During Adrian's battle with Runoa, Adrian was forced to use a word of power, and Phoenixia was forced to stop him before he lost control completely. After snapping Adrian out of his rage, the Society left. Whilst Adrian was healing, he and Phoenixia had a long talk about his past, and his behaviour since his return. She eventually succeeded in talking him into training the Society and letting them help him.

During what was hoped to be a pleasant trip to watch the final of Sue Factor, Phoenixia learned that Edward Casanova had returned, having been resurrected by his author. This caused her to panic and flee for the safety of the bathrooms, where she confessed to Adrian what happened in Devil May Cry and her subsequent fears now that he was back.

Phoenixia was accompanied by Tash and Adrian in an emergency trip to the Twilight fandom to rescue Emily from Runoa. During the fight, the trees began to fall due to a miscalculation on Creation's part, and one of them fell on Emily, apparently crushing her. Shocked and horrified, Phoenixia was pushed out of control by Crickette, her alter ego, who succeded in incinerating half of the forest. Crickette managed to beat up Adrian, Tash and Runoa over the course of the fight, proving her advanced powers and psychosis over and over again, until eventually Phoenixia managed to gain control again. Horrified at what she had done, and what she might be capable of if Crickette took over again, Phoenixia fled. Runoa eventually found her, and persuaded her to take Immaculation in order to silence Crickette once and for all. Phoenixia accepted and left with Runoa, leaving Incandescent Silverreign in the forest for Adrian to find. Her whereabouts are currently unknown to the Society.

Weapons, Items and Abilities[]

Incandescent Silverreign[]

Incandescent Silverreign is a combiner gun that Adrian picked several centuries back. This large weapon is capable of firing meter-wide blasts of enegy and the kick is enough to actually reverse the direction of someone falling at terminal velocity, at least temporarily. The gun is capable of seperating into a sniper rifle, a shotgun and a pair of pistols. Phoenixia is an expert user of this weapon, being an incredible shot with any of the guns and combined with nigh-indestructible capabilties of the weapons, able to effectively fight with them hand to hand.

Regenerative Powers[]

With her body being that of the former Sovereign, Death, Phoenixia is capable of regenerating from various wounds rapidly and apparently without ill effect, though the more extensive the wound, the more energy it requires to regenerate. The limits of this abiltiy are as yet unknown, though Valerie has report that repeated use of regeneration or regenerating a large enough wound will cause Phoenixia to drop where she stands and fall into a deep sleep that will last roughly from one hour to nearly two days (depending on the energy expended) from which she cannot be awakened until the lost energy is restored.


  • She writes erotic and romance stories under the pseudonym 'Gail Fireria' as well as a few other names and does quite well for herself, having a large fanbase and many of her books being besellers. Adrian once quipped that if she kept up her current pace, he'd have to set aside a room the Library just for her works inside a decade. Surprisngly, her best-selling book is not an erotic one, but a fairy-tale like fantasy called Blade Dancers, which has been made into a RPG video game and a movie.


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