Name Phantom
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Scary Dream-Related Name Here"

Phantom (ファントム Fantomu) was a Level 6 Stu.



Phantom took on the appearance of a jester-like male, dressed all in blue with yellow trim. He had enormous blue eyes which reflected his "perfection."


Phantom was a typical Gary-Stu, overconfident and usually arrogant. However, other Sues and Stus did not appear to like him much. Mary-Su described him as "annoying." He was narcissistic, as shown when Tyler entranced him using a mirror. Other then this, though, not much was known about him.


It is unknown how Phantom was created, but he was apparantly intended for the fandom of NiGHTS, where he was originally found. When Tyler was sent to capture him, Phantom was tricked into getting a Prohibitor on him, and when he tried to enlist the help of NiGHTS, the protagonist of the fandom, and Reala, the antagonist, he was attacked and only escaped the fandom by waking up. Later, he was located in the Bartimaus fandom, and this time, Tyler succeded in catching him.

Phantom was presumably released with the other Sues when Willowe breaks them out of the basement. He is killed by Adrian when the latter hit him with a set of burning books.


Phantom was capable of flight, and he could also become transparent at will. These powers remained even while Prohibited, although they were severely lessened.