Pete by neoxxx666.png
Name Pete
Gender Male
Age 22
Introduced In "Insert Name Ending with "ix" Here"

Pete is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Pete is one of the many agents of the ACMSES. He has dirty blond hair, and light green eyes. He looks to be around 20 years old, and is 178 cm tall.

He usually wears a white jacket, a green T-shirt with a white grasshopper design on the front and green jeans with a black flame design on them. But often, when he enters a fandom, his clothes changes their appearance to match it, the exception being in fandoms where his clothes wouldn’t be looked upon as strange.


Pete is lucky (or maybe unlucky) to have two personalities.

His normal personality is not easy to upset or make angry, so he is usually cheerful and easy to be around. He loves books, videogames and movies, so most of his room is packed with bookcases, filled with books, games and DVDs. Because he has his own system to keep track of everything, one of the few things that ticks him off occurs when someone borrows something from him and just puts it back somewhere else. He also suffers from cynophobia, the fear of dogs; he doesn't mind it that much as long as they're on a leash, but if it isn't, he just wants to run away from them as fast as he can.

Pete's other personality is a nerdy genius who calls himself Himuro; he's always calculating everything, and he loves electronics. He has a small workshop in a corner of Pete's room, where he makes all sorts of small machines. Pete somehow knows of the existence of Himuro, and he can switch between his personalities if he concentrates hard, but sometimes Himuro pops out and starts taking part in conversation, and when he retreats to the depths of Pete's mind, Pete just keeps on from where he was interrupted, with no memory of what just happened.

Pete and Charis are engaged.

Weapons, Items and Abilities[]

Pete in Darkhopper form.

Pete in Lightdrake form.

Hopper/Drake Belt[]

He is the owner of a Kamen Rider belt, which was copied from a Kamen Rider fanfiction his author created but never released. It can switch between two modes, darkness and light. He can switch between modes by passing a hand over the buckle; the buckle flips over to reveal either a black side with a grasshopper or a white side with a dragonfly.

When the black side is up, he is dressed in a black suit and black and silver armor, together with a helmet, modeled after a grasshopper. As a weapon, he gains a Guan Dao, a spear with a swords edge attached to the end, which is attached to his back. His finisher in this form is a rider punch, he opens the buckle on his belt, by pulling the sides of it, to reveal what looks like a camera lens. Electricity is send from the lens to his fist, giving the following punch a lot of extra power. During a mission to the Brütal Legend fandom, Pete was given an upgrade for this form by his Author. His armor is now all silver and his right arm is armored with a large gauntlet and he has 4 knives attached to his knuckles. His Guan Dao has been replaced by 2 swords, which can be transformed into his Guan Dao if he want them to.

When the white side is up, he's dressed in a white suit, and white and gold armor, together with a helmet modeled after a dragonfly. Two laser guns, modeled after a dragonfly’s wings, are formed on his lower back. This forms finisher is a rider kick; he opens the buckle, revealing the camera lens, which sends its electricity down to his foot. The black rider is called Darkhopper, and the white is called Lightdrake. Pete also recieved an upgrade for this form during his mission in Brütal Legend. His armor has become all gold and his right leg is now armored from his foot to his leg. He also has a pair of wings on his back that he can use to fly with. his guns now has longer barrels and has blades attached to them for melee attacks.

Himuro's Gadgets[]

  • Genderbender - Changes a person into the opposite gender for 10 minutes. It looks like a detonator with a battery pack and a timer attached to it. The timer shows the remaining time before the bending is reversed.
  • Sue beacon - Scans 1/4 of a fandom with a pink light. If a Sue/Stu is within the radius of the light, it will glow pink until the device either leaves the fandom, or is destroyed. The device looks more or less like the neuralyzer from Men in black, only it can't be addjusted in any way.
  • Singular Hyper Time Destabilizer (SHTD) - Destabilizes hyper time around the user and basicly transforms him or her into another version of their self from an alternate universe. An example of this could be that Pete uses it and becomes a version of himself that has Joe's powers, or is a Stu, or a woman, and so and so forth. The SHTD looks mostly like an iPod, the pimary difference being the 2 small parabol dishes that fold out when the device is activated. The device has a time limit of 5 minutes.
  • Fire bombs - Small explosives that explode in blue flames when they hits their target(s). The bombs look like USB flash drives.
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