Name Peony
Gender Female
Age 28ish
Introduced In "Insert Actually Scary Vampires Here"

Peony is a Level 3 Sue.


Little is known about Peony, given that she had only been met once and those meetings were very brief.


Peony has blonde hair which tumbles all the way down her back, waving slightly. Her eyes seem to be a pinkish-brown colour. She has been seen dressing to match the fandom in pinks and yellows.


Peony wants to save canon characters from suffering, and attempted this by guiding a pair down a safer route to their destination, bypassing a lot of the plot in the process. This makes her appear to be quite caring of others, wanting their safety above all things.


Peony was first encountered by Alice and Louise on the mission to the obscure Shadowleague fandom, but only from afar, and they were unable to apprehend her. The pair proceeded to chase her across Gendival and into Callisiora via a system of tunnels, only for Louise to have to leave for an important job interview, leaving Alice to catch up with the Sue alone. She eventually managed to confront Peony, on the cliffs above the main city of Tiarond; however at that very moment, the Ak'Zahar burst in from the north and began their wholesale slaughter. Peony had the presence of mind to scream at Alice to flee just before doing so herself, but Alice was too late...

Powers and Advantages[]

Peony has not shown any preternatural abilities other than the expected natural infiltration of fandoms.