Name Passion
Gender Male
Age Late teens-early twenties
Introduced In "Insert Paranoid Alien Hunter Here"

Passion is one of the Sovereigns, the group of Immaculated Sues and Stus who serve Runoa directly. By the Sue ranking he is defined as Level 10.


Passion is a gamer by nature, and loves to set up (often dangerous) challenges for people to play. He appears to be the youngest of Runoa’s Sovereigns.


Passion looks to be in his late teens/early twenties. He has messy brown hair and blue eyes, and frequently wears jeans and a gaming t-shirt, along with a casual smile.


Passion is the complete opposite of seriousness – he views everything in life as a game, and loves the act of a challenge. He dislikes cheaters immensely and is not adverse to handing out harsh punishments to anyone who disobeys the game rules. Like his name would suggest, Passion is enthusiastic about all his undertakings and has seemingly boundless amounts of energy.


Passion first appeared in the Invader Zim fandom during a routine capture by Rhia. Interrupting the capture of Deliha Brightflower, he set both girls up in a game of laser tag. The match was fairly even, with Rhia taking one blow to the arm, and Deliha one shot to the thigh, before the Sue decided to cheat and jump the walls. Passion interrupted, disqualifying Deliha for cheating and knocking her unconscious. He delivered her to Rhia before leaving the fandom.

Passion’s next appearance was in the Demigod fandom, interrupting a battle between Matthew Slaymaker, Avak, and Lily. After dragging Holly into the fight too, he set up a round of 'Capture the Flag' for everyone to play. Though the game started as normal, Matthew and Holly broke the challenge and attacked with several Light Demigods. Passion attacked several of the Light Demigods in retaliation for the cheating, before vanishing from the scene.

Passion's third appearance was in Assassin's Creed 2. He ruthlessly attacked Rhia for no true reason, screaming accusations the whole time. He had no limits on what he was going to do, going as far as blowing up a building and destroying stands to get at Rhia. Passion seemed somehow off, tearing into Rhia for killing Wisdom, outside of the rules of the game, leaving Rhia very confused as to what was going on. After pushing Rhia off a building, he vanished from the fandom.

The final appearance for this Sovereign was in The Hunger Games, where he forced the agents to play his game, to very harsh rules. In the end, when the five sues were dead and all five agents were still standing, he snapped, screaming that the game wasn't over yet until only one survivor was left standing. He fought the five tribute agents, dying in an explosion of his own making after being fought to a standstill.

Powers and Abilities[]

So far, Passion has not displayed any particular abilities in terms of fighting skills. His prefered method of battle is structured challenges with fixed rules. However he has shown great strength, knocking cheaters unconscious with little effort.

Passion's main style of fighting is through a D20 die, each number deciding his attack. The attacks are as follows:

1-2: DM Smite, manifests as a lightning bolt from above. (To one opponent only.)

3-7: Rocket Launcher, one rocket per roll.

8-9: Self heal, give or take 15% of current damage.

10-14: Arrow to the Knee. Exactly as it sounds. (To the opponent of his choosing.)

15-16: Rat on a Stick. Again, what it says on the tin.

17-19: Water balloon to the face of the opponent of Passion's choosing.

20: Self Destruct, 30 lbs. of TNT in Passion's face. This is not, by itself, a killing blow for Passion.