A pile of Oneshots.
Name Oneshot
Type (normal or magic) Magic
Introduced In "Insert Outlandish Sounding Bending Skill Here"

A Oneshot is a gadget used by Society Agents.


Oneshots are small, magic-based pills, which temporarily grant the user a power from the specific fandom that they are in. Due to the very real possibility of abuse by agents who are borderline Sue/Stuish already, Agents are only issued one Oneshot at a time, and upon leaving the fandom, the Oneshot must be returned if not taken. They require Level 2 or 3 Security Clearance to use.

Note: Side effects may include a runny nose, hypertension, uncontrollable giggling, and the paranoid delusion that you are Swedish.

The magic-denied world of Myrial from the Shadowleague fandom did not allow a Oneshot's power to last more than half an hour before burning out, necessitating a dispenser of them to be carried on the mission.

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