Ocean Fields
Name Ocean Fields
Gender Female
Age Early twenties
Introduced In "Insert Hell or High Water Here"

Ocean Daisy Etna Cumulus Sparkleflower Fields is a Level 6 Sue.


“You had your freedom you daft cow! You’re the one who decided to jump to a non-fiction fandom and mess up the Fourth Wall!” - Alice

Ocean is one of the Society's failures: after being captured in the early days, imprisoned and eventually released on parole, she managed to break her old-style Prohibitor and go on the run once more.


Ocean is an attractive young woman with sparking green eyes, matching her namesake. She was able to make a pair of loose shorts, a borrowed T-shirt and deck shoes look fabulous and confident at the same time.


Ocean is very sure of herself, pragmatic and smart, though desperate not to be caught again.


Ocean, as a Level 5 Sue, had been caught before in the Pokémon fandom, and after serving a six-month sentence in the basement she was released on parole. In those old days parolees were not watched or cared about, and the old permanent prohibitors had weaknesses that could be exploited. Thus she removed her restraint, got her powers back, and went on the run; one of many who did.

She was next detected in, strangely, a documentary which had just enough fictional elements to be accessible: Sea Monsters. Nigel Marven, technically a canon character, found her in the Eocene era and brought her aboard his vessel Ancient Mariner, but while she found herself of use to him and the crew she found she could not sway the mind of a real person.

Harriet led a mission to go in to apprehend her in the new Society yacht, emerging in the Pilocene but jumping to the Jurassic. Ingrid managed to surround the Ancient Mariner with All-Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation, preventing her from simply plotholing away. She tried to avoid them, planning an escape, and eventually attacking the agents' boat with controlled Liopleurodon, an attack thwarted by Red and her rocket launcher. Later, in the Cretaceous, she attempted to make a run for it in a dinghy, but Alice and Robert both jumped in to try and stop her. Alice ended up in the water and had to be rescued; Robert tried to reason with Ocean, knowing the Society had done much about the harsh basement conditions, but to no avail. After their fight capsized the dinghy, she was attacked by a Xiphactinis and her left leg was almost torn off. Unfortunately, her determination to escape after her ordeal and through the pain moved her level over to six, allowing her to plothole out of the Society's grasp.

Her current wherabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities[]

As well as the usual Sue powers, she has been seen to be a good swimmer and good at working a boat, as well as having an excellent sense of grace. She proved that Sue powers do not work (well) with Real Life individuals, but controlling prehistoric creatures was well within her grasp.