Name Nook
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert World of Imagination Here"

Nook is Marcus's dog.


Nook is a Siberian husky, and Marcus's pet.

Nook joined the Society's ranks when Marcus' parents unexpectedly took a six-month cruise around the Caribbean that they'd apparently been waiting over eighteen years for (Tash: How old are you again?), leaving Marcus to take care of him. As Marcus is almost always out of the house and huskies require constant company, Marcus had no choice but to bring him to the Library Arcanium.

Like most huskies, Nook is willful, disobedient, and adorable enough to get away with it, from his heterochromatic eyes (left brown, right blue) to his multicolored fur to his notched ears that always express his emotions. Nook is also insistent on rounding up as many agents as possible in one room due to his pack instinct, and when someone has food, he will beg and whine until they give him some, or until it is completely gone.

Like Marcus, Nook is very unaffectionate, and there isn't a single member of the Society he will lick.

As a Christmas present to Marcus, Nook was given a magical copy of the dog talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures, making him effectively immortal and granting him youthful energy and health. Despite this, he still rarely leaves the Library.