Welcome to the News Archive. This is where all the front page history of the Wiki has been recorded for posterity.


Date News
19 January 2012 Happy New Year!! The winner of 'Miss Overexaggerated Sue who is Made of Fail' 2011 has been announced... it's Deliha Brightflower!!


Date News
4 November 2011 Time for an update!! The Automatic Tailorisation Machine was voted our most ridiculously brilliant gadget, so it's now our featured article. So you know what this means... NEW POLL!!
3 November 2011 WE HAVE A NEW AND SHINY MAIN PAGE!! Enjoy, all!
28 July 2011 BLARGHENSAFT!!! It's a me and I'm putting up a new question. 'Boo' won the last one, with 23 votes!! ^^ - Alice
17 May 2011 Hey all, what's up. Tom won our last poll, so very long ago.


Date News
26 September 2010 Avak wins the poll. Now to think of another question for this week. How did Aster ever keep track of the previous features?
17 September 2010 Apparently Aster isn't the only one who can update this? The Little Plastic Green Beret are featured. Regards, Complexities.
27 April 2010 Death is featured.
10 March 2010 Yes, I'm updating the poll again...finally. Prohibitor is featured.
19 January 2010 Oneshot is our new featured article. Someone remind me what articles were featured, because I'm running out of articles to feature...
11 January 2010 You expected it...the Deus Ex Machina is most dangerous...and never to be used around 4Kids.
11 January 2010 You expected it...the Big Lipped Alligator Moment is most dangerous...and never to be mentioned again.
5 January 2010 I'm back. From The Middle Of Nowhere. I'm back. Scene Transition is featured.


Date News
14 December 2009 My goodness. Watching those competing poll's just...whoa. Dual featured articles: Michael Wasson and Tato. They both deserved it...
7 December 2009 I VOW TO BE ON TIME FROM NOW ON. Runoa is our featured article.
3 December 2009 Yes, I'm sorry for being late. NaNo is over, so congrats to the winners! And congrats to Silver, who has now been declared, yeah, Miss Overexaggerated Sue. Enjoy being Made of Fail.
23 November 2009 NaNo's coming closer to an end! Keep those word counts up! Bella Aubrey is our new featured article.
16 November 2009 Halfway through NaNo! Keep it up! Crystellia was chosen as the one most likely to charge into a Black List fandom. How on earth that can happen, I don't know...O.o
12 November 2009 Yes, the wiki's purple. Yes, it's staying that way.
9 November 2009 Claire Upward is our featured article.
1 November 2009 Happy Halloween, and NaNoWriMo starts today! Good luck to the participants! Pete is our featured article.
30 October 2009 Due to recent events that shall not be explained in detail, a new page has been put up: Author:Read before joining. I request that any authors who wish to join the Society read it.
23 October 2009 I must have been really lazy. Cristoph Asahina and Karissa are our featured articles.
6 October 2009 Still late...Mary-Ann Twilight is our featured article.
28 September 2009 I'm late! Again! Ben is our featured article.
20 September 2009 Sorry I was late, I'm really sick today...Rhia is our featured article!
13 September 2009 Another tie! Aster Selene and Emily Smith are our featured articles. Can we not have a tie next time?
6 September 2009 TASH IS BACK! Meanwhile, it's a miraculous tie for the poll, so both Douglas Kreig and Danielle are our featured articles.
30 August 2009 Slowly but surely...Since most people wanted to pick a fight with Tyler, he is the next featured article.
22 August 2009 Because most people decided not to get in a fight with Harriet, Harriet is now our featured article. Please vote in the next poll!
19 August 2009 Please remember to tell me who is doing your character picture! Also, I'm now taking down the you-are-responsible-for-your-own-page rule, and now I kindly ask all users to check the "Wanted" list (it's below the poll) and fill in articles for the characters; however, if you come and find your character's not there, it's your fault...xD; Ignore the template articles and "The Prince".
16 August 2009 We hit 80 articles today. We might hit 100! Since most people decided that the expert was most likely the person missing in another fandom, Marcus Pate is our featured article.
9 August 2009 WE REALLY NEED A BANNER AND I MEAN IT. Since people decided that it was most likely to find a empty cookie box on the table, Drake Dragonsoul is our featured article.
5 August 2009 This is a very urgent update. All characters really do need to have a picture, so please do one of the following: 1) decide to draw your character picture yourself, 2) wait for me on deviantART to draw it for you, 3) have Chrys do one for you (be forewarned, she procrastinates), 4) have HakureiRyuu's friend Danielle draw the picture, 5) have Doug do it, or 6) have another artist do the picture for you. If you are picking options 1 or 2, please leave a message on my talk page telling me what you are going to do. If you would like Chrys to do it, please leave a message on her talk page asking her. If you are picking option 4, leave a message on HakureiRyuu's talk page. If you are picking option 5, please leave a message on Gdouglas56's talk page. If you are picking option 6, leave a message on my talk page telling me the name of the artist...Please do it soon, because right now only Willowe Foxblade, Aster Selene, and Ari have pictures at all! (EDIT: More pages have images, but we still need more...)
1 August 2009 Our wiki is getting bigger and bigger! I appreciate all of the work! Anyway, since most people decided that Tash would be most likely to have raided the kitchen, Natasha Marquand is now our featured article. Please vote in the next poll!
27 July 2009 We need a banner...Anyway, because most people picked Adrian as the one they would call on (no offense to the other Agents!), Adrian is now our featured article. In other news, User:Chrystalclear, not a Society member but a good friend of mine, is offering to do character artwork and such for us! Her art portfolio and such is here. If you would like to talk to her for any reason, please visit her talk page.
24 July 2009 We now have 50 articles! Thank you all for the help! By the way, if any piece of info (age, first used, etc.) is missing it will be put as *unknown*. Please fix these if you can. Also, we now have a poll. In the same way the Haruhi Wiki runs things, the poll will decide the next featured article. Thanks!
18 July 2009 I decided to make some new announcements...1) All Sue Articles will be named first-name last-name in order to ease confusion (exclude middle names and/or "the Third", etc.) 2) Please follow the format found on the Adrian article (I'd like to commend him for his really good article) although you don't have to write nearly that much. 3) It would be really helpful if you could fill in not only your character but also the Sues that you are responsible for the creation of. 4) Please use the template found at the top of the Aster Selene page. 4) You are not only responsible for your characters but also your Sues and Gadgets (exempting the ones Mei has already written description for). 5) Help with the Gadgets pages would be muchly appreciated! They are missing a lot of info! Pay attention to the template boxes, too; they have missing information as well!
17 July 2009 Welcome Society Agents! I (Aster) have filled in information for the Society, the Black List, and the Library on the top two articles; however, those are filler and I would like help in restructuring the articles to be less biased and more factual. I would also like to have them in sections. Thanks for all your help! All of you are responsible for your own character page and/or picture (yes, it would be nice if we all had pictures)...If you have no artistic ability, you can hire me (or someone else) to draw for you, although it may take a while and it may not look like what it should...Also, can someone please design a banner?