Name Nephthys
Type (technical or magic) Technical, allowing magical
User Tash
Introduced In "Insert Red Skies Twilight Here"

Nephthys is Tash's primary weapon.


Nephthys has a slender 42" blade, tapering to a point and made of a fiery-coloured solid substance. A stylised phoenix serves as the sword's crossguard, and the grip itself serves to make the sword two-handed, allowing for stronger movements than a single-hand might allow. This morphology allows it to class both as a Longsword (also known as a 'great sword') and as an Oakeshott Typology type XVa. It is also resistant to heat, keeping its form and strength where most other weapons would fail.

As well as being a physical weapon, it serves Tash in her offensive and fire-based martial art of Jurai-Ken, acting as a channel and a focus for the fire-magic that it involves. During this way of use, the sword has been described as a 'flaming bar of magnesium'.


Nephthys needs no scabbard, its sheer length probably requiring a back-mounted sheath, as a touch of magic means that it can be transformed into a flat metal disk pendant that makes transportation much easier.


Nephthys was first seen just before the Battle of the Library, Tash having used a staff for her offensive attacks up until that point. Indeed one of its first lives claimed was that of Willowe.

Since then, Tash has kept the pendant at her throat constantly.

The sword's flaming blade snuffing out whilst she was fighting the incursion of the Ak'Zahar was one of the proofs that the creatures were resistant to magic.


Nephthys is an Ancient Egyptian goddess, a member of the Great Ennead (which also includes Isis, Set, etc). Part of her representation was as a divine guardian and a mother, appropriate as neither of these things are people one would want to anger. Perhaps more appropriately, however, is a beast known as the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys from Yu-Gi-Oh!, which also links into the goddess as she was the protector of the Bennu, the Ancient Egyptian version of the Phoenix, and she was often depicted with outstretched falcon wings.