Name Neb
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Exotic Territory Name Here"

Neb is an agent of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society, as well as a character foil for Ben.



As expected, Neb is the polar opposite of Ben. Whereas Ben is rather casual and laid-back, Neb is aggressive and hostile.  Unlike most members of the Protection Society, who prefer to guard Sues and wait for the Society Agents to come to them, Neb actively seeks out Ben.

Neb also has a muse named Yelrihs, who is the Protection Society's equivalent of Shirley. Unlike Shirley, however, Yelrihs is a pacifist, so Neb has nowhere near Ben's level of tolerance for pain.


Neb's outfit is frequently ridiculed (Ben likens it to a licorice stick), though Neb himself firmly believes he looks cool. Neb has black slicked-back hair (probably dyed) and a pair of dark shades. He is always dressed in a black leather jacket and blood red leather pants.

Neb is also Ben's equal in height at 6'1".


Neb first appeared in the Pendragon fandom, where he attacked Ben who was on vacation there. Ben managed to evade Neb for a while, before being cornered. Neb nearly killed him, but Drake and Tyler intervened, forcing Neb to settle for critically injuring Ben instead.

Neb then mounted an attack on the mansion in Ben's imagination where he and his characters lived when they weren't in the Society. He kidnapped Deebs (Ben and Shirley's daughter) and tried to lure Ben into a trap in Mega Man Battle Network. Ben, Shirley and Tyler all came to the rescue, but only Shirley and Tyler fought on the Net while Ben acted as a Netop. Neb had a trump card in the form of Ekard, Relyt and Yelrihs acting as reinforceents, and for a while, the quartet held the Society members at bay. Then Deebs escaped from Neb's control and began to wreak havoc among the Pro-Cliché Society members, and after Shirley re-directed one of his own nukes at him, Neb fled.

Neb resurfaced in the world Ben had created for Bella Aubrey (now Lily), incapacitating Ben and kidnapping Bella with Ekard's help. Neb blackmailed Ben, saying that unless he submitted to his demands he would kill Bella.

In the meantime, under the orders of the Protection Society, Neb was ordered to infiltrate and steal plans for a battlesuit from Doug's author's second world, and then building a test suit for Venice using Tony Stark in the Iron Man fandom. Doug and Pete intervened, and the plans were destroyed. However, his actions marked him the main culprit to cause a war between the Protection Society and Doug's author.

Later, when Ben tracked Repiv to the Protection Society's hideout, he and Neb engaged in their final battle. Though Neb initally took the lead, he inadvertantly caused enough damage to Bahamut so that Ben could unleash Death Metal Bahamut. With Death Metal Bahamut in hand,  Ben easily defeated Neb, even going so far as to tearing his arm clean off and tossing him over the edge of a cliff to his death.

When Ben returned to the Society after the battle, one of his former creations, Asasca, revealed that Neb's attempts on Ben's life were all a part of his plan to unlock Ben's true power. Asasca told Neb that if he killed Ben, then Ben's power would be added to his own. This of course was a lie, and when Neb finally pushed Ben too far by kidnapping Bella, Ben utterly destroyed him, and Asasca's plan succeded.

Neb's tomb was later found by Doug's author, who had mistaken it for the PCMSPS's base, as soon as his army realized their mistake however they promptly destroyed the tomb with a nuclear warhead. Outside of the armies knowlage however Deraj and Eolhc had secretly been in their midst disguised in stolen uniforms, intent on stealing Neb's corpse. The duo barely escaped being incenerated in the explosion by taking shelter in a hidden bunker in the tomb. Deraj later used mechanical weaponry and computers to turn Neb's body into a mechanical cyborg named Osiris.

Much later, when Ben was ambushed by Osiris in an unnamed fandom, it appeared that Neb's personality had overriden the computer programs and regained control. He broke Ben's ankle as well as inflicting other injuries in prelude to an extended torture session. At the last minute, Raven intervened and saved Ben's life. He tossed the Agent through a plothole back to the Library, and then promised to make sure that Neb would STAY dead this time. Presumably the Sue dismantled Neb's mechanised body.

Weapons and Abilites[]

Unlike Ben, who has virtually no physical strength, Neb's strength is superhuman. He has leapt several stories with ease, survived falls from several stories up, and has hurled huge chunks of stone around like baseballs.

Neb's abilites are exactly the same as Ben's except for the names of his two attacks. They are named:

  • Mess with Nukes
  • My coffemakers rule the world

Neb does NOT have an equivalent of Bahamut, since the weapon was designed and developed specifically to combat him (that and the weapon only appeared after he made his first appearance).


  • Neb's appearance is based off one of the author's old original characters, red leather pants included. Needless to say, this is somewhat of a self-parody.
  • Neb's theme song is "Burn in Hell", Dummu Borgir's Twisted Sister cover.