Natalie "Emerald" Marmalade
Name Natalie "Emerald" Marmalade
Gender Female
Age Mid-teens
Introduced In "Insert Legend of Impossibly Colored Dragoness Here"

Natalie Garbash "Emerald" Marmalade was a Level 6 Sue.


Childish and naïve, Emerald took the form of a teenage purple dragon and a teenage girl with honey-colored hair. Her dragon from was capable of wielding the elements of fire, ice, earth, and electricity as well as a more powerful dark dragon form. In the Spider-Man fandom, she gained powers similiar to the arachnid superhero and was smart enough to create a nanite-based costume.


Emerald first appeared in the Spyro the Dragon fandom. She usurped canon by becoming a rare purple dragon and acctracted the attention of the Society. Drake was sent to capture her, ending up in the form of a blue dragon. He confronted Emerald, but he ended up losing his armor and finding that his dragon form lacked any significant offensive abilities would have been killed had the main character's love interest not interfered and began fighting Emerald. Drake stuck a Copyright on Spyro and the three dragons blasted the Sue. Unfortunately, Drake got distracted for a moment and Emerald escaped.

A short time later, she invaded the Spider-Man fandom, single-handedly defeating the Sinister Six. Drake, having lost access to his armor after his second battle with Abigail, convinced the Venom symbiote to merge with him and the two confronted Emerald. Emerald attempted to convince the symbiote to merge with her and appeared to have succeeded, only for the symbiote to slip a Prohibitor onto her wrist. With a little bit of help from Spider-Man, Emerald was finally captured and imprisoned in the Library basement.

Emerald was presumably released, and subsequently killed, along with the other Sues when Willowe freed them from the basement.