Name Hanabi
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Dandy Talking Kendama Here"

Hanabi, who at one point was known as Nameless, was a Level 5 Stu written by Stephen.


Nameless was the result of Stephen's first attempt at fanfiction, set in the MAR fandom, but was scrapped when Stephen lost interest. As a result, he was sent to the Vault of Abandoned Ideas.


Since Nameless was, more or less, based off of Stephen, he shares basic physical appearance with him, except Nameless does not wear glasses and is a bit more lean. He also has dark rings under his eyes. He usually wears a black cloak with a hood that covers his features, yet does not impede sight.


Nameless has been hardened during his years in the Vault of Abandoned Ideas, and now is very cold and ruthless, cutting down fellow Sues and Stus without a second thought. His mind is mostly occupied by thoughts of revenge on Stephen.


When Stephen was in sixth grade, he wrote his first actual fanfic, set in the MAR fandom. The main character was basically like a Self Insert, but was different enough to be considered a Gary Stu . When Stephen dropped the fic not long after starting it, the main character was sent to the Vault of Abandoned Ideas, where he resided until escaping when Willowe broke the Elementals out. Since then, Nameless has been occupied with planning revenge on his author for forgetting about him.

Nameless first appeared on Stephen's rookie mission into MAR. He used a copy called Absicus Oldspice-icus to draw Stephen out, and when Stephen fought and nearly defeated Absicus, Nameless made his presence known and killed Absicus. When Stephen revealed that he did not remember Nameless' name, he took up the title he uses today. After destroying Stephen's Plothole Generator , Nameless offered him a chance to escape. Stephen was able to escape to Absicus' treasure room using a Scene Transition , and found a way out of the fandom from there.

Nameless was also most likely involved in trapping Stephen in Psyren, since it was revealed that the Sue who Stephen had fought there, Genevieve Lucifia Sol, was paying off a debt to Nameless. It is unknown what sort of debt this was, but Nameless killed Genevieve after she sent Stephen out of the fandom, saying she had outlived her usefulness.

After that, Nameless went into hiding for a while, but made a short appearance during Sue Factor. His reasons for competing were solely to deliver the message "you are a dead man" to Stephen. He did not make it very far in the competition because he, like his creator, sings like a dying pelican.

Nameless made another appearance during Stephen's mission to Deadman Wonderland, where he was shown to have grown to Level 5. He briefly fought Stephen with his sword sheathed, believing that he would not need it. Stephen was able to get the upper hand, though, and broke Nameless's sword in half. Nameless discarded it, and called upon one of his hench-Stus, Vladimir Blade Spike Van Helsing. He left after telling Stephen that he hoped he would get out in one piece.

It can be believed that Nameless was not fighting at full power in Deadman Wonderland, as Stephen promptly had the everloving shite beaten out of him by Vladimir, a level 4.

Abilities and Items[]

Nameless wielded a silver katana with a black sheath, origin unknown. The blade is shown to be incredibly sharp, as it cut through Absicus, and when he killed Genevieve, it also cut the tree behind her. It is currently broken.

Unknown Arm[]

Nameless still possesses the Weapon Arm from his original story. When unactivated, it takes the form of a skull ring, with an intertwined snake forming the band. Its name and abilities are unknown as of this point.

Pick Pocketing[]

Nameless has shown to be very proficient in picking pockets, as he was able to steal Stephen's Plothole Generator without him noticing.