Mytheus Primal
Name Mytheus Primal
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Gimmick Laden Transforming Robot Here"

Mytheus Primal was a Level 5 Stu.



Mytheus was a transmetal five Maximal, a transforming robot from the planet Cybertron. His beast mode was that of a dark blue biomechanical griffin with bronze armor and silver wings. His robot mode was basically his griffin mode standing up, with his beast mode head replaced by his robot mode head. He was capable of flight without beating his wings, though they seem to play some part in keeping him airborne as Drake blasted one off, causing him to plummet to the ground. His tail became a sword in robot mode and he wielded a futuristic rifle as well. He was capable of quickly healing from minor wounds and is extremely strong and resistant to damage, more so than most maximals.

In addition to the above modes, he also possessed a jet mode, batmobile-like car mode, and turret mode, though he never got the chance to use them.


His personality was calm, cool, and collected with a small shred of humor. He implied that he was extremely intelligent for his race.


He had just broken free of his author's control when he encountered a representative of the Sue and Stu Alliance. He learned of the Society from this individual and was offered a place in their Alliance, just as soon as he grew strong enough to leave the fandom he had been created in. He immediately assumed leadership of the maximals and launched a successful attack on the Predacons, personally dispatching their leader, Megatron. He then planned to repair the maximal ship, so they could leave the planet they were stranded on. This act would most likely have allowed him to ascend to level-6-hood, but Drake was dispatched to deal with him.

Mytheus clearly held the advantage in their fight at first, being stronger than Drake's original armor. However, Drake hit him with his Wild Shot attack, tearing off a wing and causing the maximal Stu to fall to the ground, where Drake was waiting to deliver a Storm Kick. He was rendered offline by the attack. Mytheus was thus captured and imprisoned in the Society basement.

Mytheus escaped when Willowe breaks the other Sues out, and went to attack Claire, Michael, and Miriku. Michael eventually defeats Mytheus with the help of his Darkness.