Muse (Omni-weapon)
Name Muse (Omni-weapon)
Type (technical or magic) Technical/Magical
User Kyle Griswold
Introduced In "Insert Aimless Gunshots Here"

Muse, formerly known as the Omni-Weapon, is a sapient weapon used by Kyle Griswold.


Thanks to Yukari Yakumo from the Touhou fandom, the semi-consciousness that Kyle had made as a safety measure has been expanded into it's own being. Muse is the name Kyle gave her at the time this new being was born. She has a humanoid form, but can't maintain it for long as it is supplied by the energy she stores up in her body. So, she usually converses energy in her ususal form. Muse appears in her usual form as a sphere of polished steel about four inches in diameter, though she can change to look like a different metal while being used by someone other than Kyle. In reality, Muse is under heavy compression; she'd be six meters in diameter if she wasn't. The Realitium alloy she is made out of is light weight and, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. It can be destroyed, but it'd take a lot of focused power to do so. Her alloy was forged to conduct, absorb and contain large amounts of energy to work with Kyle's Energy Manipulation.

Because of her compression, Muse can't truly morph into anything. Instead, the weapon form she takes is formed around her, i.e. a sword blade sticking out of one side while a hilt sticks out the opposite side. Additionally, Muse has a finite amount of metal inside, so she won't make her own projectiles if she takes the form of a long range weapon. This is offset by the fact that Muse can use ammo supplied to her. She has no limit on forms as she takes on whatever form the user imagines for her, so they can be as simple or as intricate as desired.