Mu Nepasuk-Smith
Name Mu Nepasuk-Smith
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Slightly Offensive Terra Name Here"

Muhammed "Mu" Sanjay Gheet Nazz Nepasuk-Smith is a Level 5 Stu.


Mu originated in the Storm Hawks fandom. Eight feet tall with blue skin, four arms, and the body of a pro wrestler, "Mu" is from the totally made-up Terra Shiivaa, which was supposedly destroyed 50 years ago, and is now the last of his kind. By allying with the Storm Hawks and obtaining an incredibly powerful crystal, Mu very nearly prematurely ended the series. However, Agent Marcus forced him into a battle on the roof of the Condor and tricked him into slicing off his parachute, then blinded him with a cake of soap and stuck a Prohibitor on him. Since Mu's Stu-ish actions were erased, the Condor was no longer beneath the two, and Mu had already sliced off his parachute. Marcus shot open a portal 500 feet below Mu and left him to crash into the Library Arcanium and knock himself out shortly before being arrested.