Moon Staff
Name Moon Staff
Type (technical or magic) Magic
User Aster Selene
Introduced In "Insert Stupidly Implied Logic Gate Here"

The Moon Staff is a staff (which can be utilized as a weapon) used exclusively by Aster Selene.


Due to Aster's author/artist being extremely lazy, it's quite hard to settle on how big the staff really is. It's generally accepted to be somewhere between three and four feet, and the top of the staff, a humongous moon, is about twice the size of her head in both length and width.

It's a blue staff rod that leads up to a somewhat flat-ish (it protrudes) silver moon, adorned with a blue stone on both sides. It also has a ribbon dangling off the edge. The metals used to forge the staff, as well as the stone, serve no useful purpose; according to Aster, the fae like to have flashy things for ceremonies, and in fact the staff is really a heavy burden.

What are more important are the enchantments on the staff. It's able to properly channel Aster's magic (the real magic is in Aster, not the staff) and can be summoned in either Form I (lower forms are unable to project the staff at all) or Form II (higher forms no longer require the staff) and create an extension of what she can do. It also has a defense mechanism and if anyone lacking the power of Selene touches it, he/she will be knocked unconscious for a week.

As the staff is ingrained into Aster's powers, it has no physical form when she has no need of it.