Monika - Society.jpg
Name Monika
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert Inaccurate Historical Reference Here"

Monika is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


"How can Willowe's name keep growing if she's already the Third of it?"
"That's what we'd all like to know..." -Monika and Valerie

Monika is a member of Valerie's team of agents, and likely the one everyone would look to as second in command. At over 5'10", she's easily the tallest of the group. Her shoulder-length wavey hair is naturally pale blonde and usually kept in a loose ponytail or bun, with side-parted bangs framing her face. She has quick blue eyes that are almost always behind black-rimmed glasses, and she has a sense of style that is bright, unique, and fun. Her wrists and ankles are usually adorned with countless bands, bangles, and other accessories (none of which match), and generally wears self-decorated jeans and colorful, loose-fitting t-shirts.

Very charasmatic and charming, and an excellent judge of character (she's never yet been wrong about a person), this tall blonde seems tailor-made to be a leader. However, despite appearances, she's not all that confident about herself, and will gladly stick to the background unless she's needed. Her demeanor can swing from bouncing to sullen in seconds, though she usually tries to stick to the former. On good days, she's very random and loves to make people laugh. On her few bad days, it's really best to leave her alone, because she will not talk about her problems. Ever.

Where Valerie can see all sides of a given conflict, Monika's sense of right and wrong are rigid and defined. She's a very hard worker who is used to having to fight for what she wants, but it's very difficult for her to say no to someone. Although she is very patient, once someone gets under her skin, she'll probably dislike that person for the rest of her life. She might forgive, but she'll never forget.

When she's not with her friends or overseeing rookie agents, you can usually find Monika in the fiction or romance sections of the Library.

Monika is Valerie's best friend from childhood, and she's equally close to the other members of her team - though she and Terrie often get into arguments that last for days. Also, she finds Aster's randomness amusing, and has a soft spot for Emily.

Unique Abilities and Items[]

Of all in Valerie's team, Monika has the fewest of what could be termed "powers". However, that is not to say that she never had them. Only a few years back, Monika had one of the most powerful foresight gifts in the world. Her visions could come at any time, in dreams or while awake, and ranged from the next few days to decades from now. Oddly though, she forgot her visions - indeed, even the fact that she had visions - within moments of having them. It was only through luck that a few of them were recorded. However, Monika feared her visions, and one day she simply forgot they ever existed. Since that day she's not had a single one, and most of her other powers - such as ki manipulation and animal speech - vanished that day as well, along with the memory that she ever had them. No one is sure exactly what happened to her, but one theory is that the memory-loss was self-inflicted. As such, no one is really willing to bring up the topic of her lost powers and memories.

Only one such ability remains, and that is some mild projective empathy, otherwise known as the power of pursuasion. Though she'd never admit it for herself, Monika is a stunning public speaker, and can get many to follow her opinion quite easily. She can also, if she chooses to, influence the imediate actions of individuals, but that power has yet to succeed on a Sue of Level 4 or higher. However, she is very responsible with this power, and only uses it on her friends in jest - getting Valerie to try a different brand of cookie, for example.


  • Monika's Real Life surname is classified information, but the ch in it is pronounced like a k.
  • Monika is very fond of/proficient at abstract art, and often comments on Emily's murals.
  • Monika used to have a muse, but it vanished when her memories did.
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