Name Mizuho
Gender Female
Age Unknown, and don't you dare ask.
Introduced In "Insert Real World Country Name Here"

Mizuho (ミズホ Mizuho) is a Level 1 Sue and an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Mizuho is a Peacekeeper and Chrys' partner. She is also a sprite.


Her height varies all the time, but it's usually around four feet (giving the impression she is a little girl...a pointed-eared little girl with a very, very hot temper) or over six feet (scaring the hell out of a passerby).


Mizuho is easily defined by:

  • Any sarcastic remarks she might make;
  • Her tendency to scold Chrys when she needs it;
  • Her general apathy towards anything and anyone but Chrys (with few exceptions) and
  • Her tendency to ruin Chrys and Aster's fun

She also may or may not have personal issues, but it's best not to ask. She also is generally distrustful towards people in general, including Aster (who's not really suspicious but has a lack of a soul).


Mizuho's past is almost entirely unknown but people do know at some point she met up with Chrys and became her Peacekeeper partner, working for the "Creators". While Mizuho is intentionally obscure about her past, hints reveal that it involved severe mental anguish, destruction, betrayal, love, and a life-breaking experience.

While Mizuho went through the work of becoming an Agent and joining the Society, she rarely ever participates in missions, usually leaving Chrys to her own devices (due to laziness, apathy, or the Creators restricting her to leave it to Chrys) unless she screws up. Mizuho mostly spends time hanging out idly in the Library or dimension traveling.

Powers and Abilities[]

We haven't fully seen Mizuho's powers yet, but they're probably similar to Chrys', minus desu of course. She can also change her appearance (but she's usually either insanely short like the sprite she is or six feet tall and intimidating).

As Chrys' partner she has the ability to mentally link to Chrys and speak to her even when in another dimension, so she can thus assist Chrys in times of need (which is, sadly, most of the time).


  • She has a hound. A very, very large hound...
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