Name Misty
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Ludicrous Cyberpunk AI Here"

Misty is a Level 0 Sue. She is also a ghost.


Misty is a Sue created by Alice long before she joined the Society. Unlike the majority of other agents, Alice refuses to cast her disguarded Sues in the Vault of Abandoned Ideas, and therefore the Misty-that-was had all the useful elements and plot points removed and placed into new characters and/or stories. This action therefore rendered the original character as little more than a memory. Since Alice's induction into the Society, the ghost-Misty that remains has taken it upon herself to haunt the poor agent.


Misty looks like nothing more than a ghostly figure, appearing only to Alice. She has long silver hair, grey eyes, and appears in a long silver dress, although her lower half fades into nothingness. Misty has a high pitch voice, and usually speaks to Alice in a mocking tone.


Misty has very little personality of her own, since the majority of it was removed by Alice. What little that has remained is directed at Alice as the reason for her current state of being.


Misty first appeared to Alice in the Warhammer 40K fandom, and proceeding to taunt the new agent.

However, ever since the Ak'Zahar attacked Alice, her appearances have taken a severe nosedive.

Powers and Abilities[]

Misty has no known powers or abilities, besides the ability to seriously piss off Alice.