Miriku Wasson (Miriku Hernandez)
Name Miriku Wasson (Miriku Hernandez)
Gender Female
Age 16
Introduced In "Insert Badly Translated Egyptian Here"

Miriku "Miri" Wasson is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Miriku is one of the longest-standing and yet least-active agents of the Society. To date, she has not led a mission or attempted a solo mission, though she often provides backup for other agents if needed. Being one of the less-powerful agents, she generally prefers to hide in her room or somewhere in the Library Arcanium until someone needs her.


Miriku is one of the less-recognizable agents, except possibly for the fact that her hair is dyed an ungodly bright shade of red and usually frizzes uncontrollably (her brother is of the opinion that one day, said hair will eat him). She has brown eyes and glasses, and is slightly lacking in the height department.


She's normally very outgoing and social, but feels uncomfortable around people she doesn't know very well, so she can sometimes come off as being shy or mistrusting.

Her closest relationships in the Society are to Tash, Michael, and Claire, all of whom she knows very well in Real Life. She'll do just about anything for these three, up to and including putting herself in harm's way, something she usually tries to avoid at all costs.

Unique Abilities and Items[]

Deck Strategy: Elemental Heroes[]

Though she doesn't consider herself a proper duelist (instead referring to herself as more of a "collector and afficionado"), Miriku holds a special affection and affinity for the Elemental Heroes. She respects them as a true team because they lack a single ace monster, instead relying on a vast, highly flexible array of tactics and support. Though she does run a few cards that are not exactly part of the Elemental Hero archetype, she still considers them a part of her own team of super-heroes.

Her Duel Spirit is Wroughtweiler, reflecting her own "sidekick" frame of mind.


  • Miriku is not actually related to Michael in Real Life, although she has adopted his last name for everything Society-related.
  • She has a near-photographic memory (but it only works when it wants to).
  • Her favorite color combinations are blue-white-silver and red-gold-black.
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