Michael Wasson
Name Michael Wasson
Gender Male
Age 19
Introduced In "Insert Badly Translated Egyptian Here"

Michael Wasson is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society and as of Season Two, has been promoted to Chief Agent.


“Rejoice. For very bad things are about to happen.” – Michael after gaining the Darkness.

Michael was the first agent to join the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society, after the three leaders, and often takes the alias "The Gary-Stu Gutter" on missions. He is one of the more powerful agents, and easily recognisable due to the parasite known as the Darkness infesting his mind. Though he has worked in teams, he generally prefers to go on missions alone, and prior to the introduction of prohibitors and the Library basement, was known for killing his target Sues/Stus rather than arresting them, though this has changed more recently. He has a remarkable aptitude for escaping from the hospital wing of the Library to go on dangerous missions when he is supposed to be on bed rest.

When not on missions, Michael is most often with Claire, dueling somebody in the Library, or reading a good horror novel.


Michael is 5'8", with long brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. When he is angry and the Darkness takes over, his eyes turn a dark orange colour, and snake-like tentacles appear from his back. He often wears jeans and a t-shirt, though while on missions, he dresses all in black, wears a black cape, a Shakespearean mask of tragedy, and a straw hat.


Michael is a friendly person, and is always willing to help anyone who needs it. He is also very headstrong, and often charges off into a mission when he is supposed to be doing other things – like resting in bed. Since becoming a host for the Darkness, Michael has to put up with the parasitic voice in his head, and enduring many annoying and sarcastic remarks, and lousy pep talks, much to his disgust.

Michael is incredibly loyal and will go out of his way to help those he cares about, particularly his fiancée Claire and his sisters Miriku and Tash. He is also highly competitive and this has caused him to develop a rivalry with Adrian (though he always feels better about this rivalry when he reminds himself that at least his girlfriend has not put cute animal ears on him...yet...).


“I take care of Gary Stus differently! I nip them in the bud and keep them from spreading.” – Michael after his first mission.

Michael was the fourth member to join the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society. His first mission was to eliminate a Gary-Stu in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom, and after gutting the Stu in a most artful manner, he restored canon to the fandom.

His second mission was to the Digimon Frontier fandom, where he met Alastor, who would from this point on become one of Michael’s main adversaries. Before Michael could engage Alastor, the Stu distracted him long enough to escape. After restoring the fandom, Michael began work tracking the Stu.

Alastor reappeared in the Cardcaptor Sakura fandom, along with his younger sister Juniper Foxblade. Michael, Tash and Miriku were sent after the two. After a malfunctioning plot device summoned the rest of the Foxblade sisters (except for Willowe and Holly) to the scene, Michael managed to save Alastor from killing his sisters by conjuring a plot hole beneath the family’s feet, and sending them to another fandom.

After Harold Alexander Belloe Something Or Other was found in the Dragonball Z fandom, Michael was dispatched – though not before he warned the Society that it would be dangerous. True to his words, Harold succeeded in beating Michael to within an inch of his life before backup arrived in the form of Marcus and Adrian.

Michael was placed on extensive bed rest in order to recover from his injuries, however he succeeded in forging his way out of bed and onto a mission in the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. Upon arriving he attempted to arrest Juniper, who was posing as an Airbender, however before he could he was caught by Claire and Miriku, who kept Azula off his back while he arrested the Sue. Upon returning to the Library, Michael was tied to his sickbed until he was declared healthy enough to begin going out on missions again.

After being released from hospital, Michael dedicated his energies into finding Alastor again, and eventually tracked him down to the Pokemon fandom, where Alastor had succeeded in becoming a Pokemon Master. Michael challenged Alastor to a Pokemon battle, using Infernape as his own Pokemon, against Alastor’s Deoxys. As Claire, Miriku, Tash, Marcus, Adrian and Harriet, and their own respective Pokemon arrived to assist, Alastor released more of his legendary Pokemon, however most of the Society were able to defeat them, and Alastor was forced to send out Mewtwo. With help from Valerie (who saved Michael from plummeting to his death after an attack from Mewtwo) Michael was able to copyright the legendary Pokemon, and Alastor was forced to flee the fandom, leaving all his captured legendary Pokemon behind. Mewtwo promised to release the Pokemon on the condition that Michael removed the copyright from his head.

As the Society became more infamous among Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus, Claire was kidnapped by a Stu in The Darkness fandom, in an attempt to lure Michael in. After breaking his way into the Black Listed fandom, and being beaten up heavily by Alexander Santino Gram Franchetti the Third, Michael used a Oneshot to gain the powers of the Darkness in order to save Claire. However after killing the gangster and his men, the Darkness took complete control of Michael’s body and attempted to kill the Society agents sent in to help. With Claire’s influence and a timely bolt of lightning, the Darkness receded back into Michael’s mind, though Michael was left depressed for a long time, feeling guilty for attacking everyone.

After learning to control the Darkness, and a little coaxing from Claire, Michael returned to work, taking it upon himself to rid the BioShock fandom of a Sue. However due to some faulty information from Wikipedia, Michael was unaware that the supposed Sue was in fact canon, and his attack was halted by Miriku.

When Tash was kidnapped by Runoa, and Pseudo-Tash succeeded in convincing the Society that Adrian had tried to rape and kill her, Michael hunted the Librarian down in the Shattered Heart of the World in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. He succeeded in wearing Adrian down further, however had his sword snapped in the process, and wound up unconscious after Runoa’s flash bombs detonated. Before Pseudo-Tash could kill him, Michael was saved by Saito Hajime, and along with the rest of the Society, confronted Runoa.

When Emily, Claire, Miriku and Tash were captured by Alastor, Michael and Adrian were sent after them. As Michael struggled to remove himself from a pitfall, Alastor beat the attacking Society agents, and fused all the fandoms in existence together, before absorbing the power of every person around, including all canon characters and Society agents, leaving Michael and Emily as the only remaining people in the whole Multiverse. After beating Michael up and putting him through every form of physical and psychological torture possible Alastor absorbed him too. Thanks to the Darkness however, Michael was able to cut down the Society agents from within Alastor’s mind, and released them from the Stu’s body. Alastor and Michael began fighting in the Stu’s mind, Alastor using copies of Claire, Miri, Tash and Adrian in order to inflict psychological damage to him at the same time. The clones vanished after the agents are freed, and Alastor resumed attacking Michael himself. During the fight, Alastor reveals the truth about his origins – he was a self insertation of Michael from his first fanfiction, hell bent on putting him through the same kind of suffering that Alastor himself went through after the story was abandoned. With all the energies of every fandom still absorbed inside him, Alastor turned his body into a bomb intending to take everyone with him. Michael however uses the BLAM he received from Emily to distract Alastor long enough to conjure a black hole to swallow the Stu without detonating him. After the fight was over, Michael proposed to Claire, explaining that he did not want to wait any longer, especially given the amount of danger they both end up in on a regular basis. She said yes.

After the Library Invasion, Michael lost the ability to speak to the Darkness, along with the access to his Darkness abilities. However Michael had also been promoted to one of the Leaders of the Society itself. When Valerie sent in a mind probe after an incident with Aster, she found he holds a piece of Adrian's soul. After Adrian was resurrected Michael regained his ability to speak and fight with the Darkness.

Unique Abilities and Items[]

The Darkness[]

Michael’s biggest offensive power is the Darkness, an entity of chaos which a taste for death and destruction. Michael most commonly makes use of the snake-like tendrils of darkness that sprout from his back, often to block weapons aimed at him, or to rip an enemy apart. He also has the ability to summon Darklings, small imp-like creatures which wield a variety of weapons, and often spend their time providing more comic relief than help.

Along with these abilities, the Darkness seems to increase Michael’s strength and resilience, however it is useless in bright sunlight.


Michael is a competent swordsman, and carries a simple double handed sword with him on all missions.

Deck Strategy[]

Michael is one of the Society’s strongest duelists, and wields a wide variety of decks including Cyber Dragon, Blackwing, Gladiator Beast and Levelled. The deck he currently uses most is Children of Horus, a group of bird-like monsters which gain power from damage done to the users Life Points. Because of his ability to use a wide range of different strategies, Michael has the ability to adapt to almost any situation in dueling and respond quickly, making him a formidable opponent. His favourite card is Horus the Black Flame Dragon.


  • Michael appears to be among the most damage-prone of all his colleagues, having been put on bed rest a total of three times, nearly killed four times, psychologically and physically tortured, and falling for all of Adrian's booby traps.
  • One of his greatest fears is centipedes. Why this is remains a mystery.
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