Name Mesha
Gender Female
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Shiny Hole in Time Here"

Mesha Alicia Maria Susan Maylene Violet Abigail Yana was a Level 5 Sue.



Just as the colour that defined Lily Adamson while she was still a Sue was emerald green, Mesha's was a selection of varying shades of light and electric blue, apart from her eyes, which were a soft brown. However, in order to remove her Prohibitor she was forced to sever the hand to which it was attached, forcing her to regenerate. After this, her hair became a deep purple, and her eyes a beguiling crystal blue. She now resembles the Pokémon Suicune disguised in a human form, as she kept her previous incarnation's blue clothing.


Mesha once expressed the belief that Harriet created Willowe Foxblade as an excuse to wage a war of extermination upon Mary-Sues. While she acknowledges the propaganda value of this story, her actions suggest that she does in fact believe this herself. She blames the Society for everything she has gone through, and is obsessed with getting revenge for this.


Mesha started life as a character in a Doctor Who fic. She was the daughter of Professor Yana (AKA The Master) and an original character. Unfortunately, her mother apparently possessed enough Sueish tendencies to convince her author to delete the entire fic. Mesha managed to escape, and briefly joined a group of Sue/Stus that were gathering weapons and technology from Sci-fi fandoms to sell to prohibited Sues to enable them to fight the Society again, calling themselves the Inventor's Guild.

This guild only existed for a few weeks before the Lieutenant (Cassie Anora) tried to take control of their operations herself. Upon being rudely rebuffed, she sent in a group of specially created Gary-Stus against the guild members, with orders to wipe them out to a man. Mesha escaped the resulting massacre, and was rescued from the Stu who pursued her by a mysterious man who stood in the shadows (Stormherald) . He promised her dominion over everything if she only followed him.

As part of her plans with this man, Mesha used a Time-Lord Chameleon Arch in the shape of an old fashioned pocket-watch to suppress part of her memories and reduce her Sue powers a bit. It was at this point that the society encountered her for the first time. She travelled the fandoms for a while, evading the Society at every turn, sadly developing the quirk of leaving plotholes open for too long and cross-contaminating the fandoms.

Dave confronted her in the Primeval fandom, saving her life at least twice in the process of capturing her. Upon returning to the library, Mesha was allowed to work on the paperwork she had generated by her actions in return for not being confined to the basement. This however, allowed a mind-influencing necklace she possessed to take effect upon the society members.

After a predetermined length of time, Stormherald removed her from the library, hoping that she had learned enough about the society to assist in combating them. However, the events of the previous Halloween and the ongoing actions of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society to infiltrate the society had advanced the library security arrangements to the degree that she escaped with only a vague idea of how the filing system worked.

Since she was still prohibited, Mesha took a group of cloned soldiers that Stormherald had obtained from the Primeval fandom to the Bonekickers fandom, hoping to use that fandom's version of Excalibur to remove the device. Despite the intervention of society Agents Dave and Rhia, she successfully removed it and left, taking her severed hand and prohibitor with her. This seems to have allowed Stormherald to develop a means of tracking down prohibited Sues on parole.

Mesha reappeared in the Captain Scarlet fandom, taking on most of the Society at a mine excavation with half of an army of cloned Primeval cleaners. The other half she took to Cloudbase to gain control of the fandom and capture the society team sent to avenge the death and replication of Dave at her hands. She was only narrowly prevented from killing Harriet by the intervention of Dave and Thunderbirds One and Two. As Dave confronted her, she became aware that Stormherald had used her for his own purposes, and was subsequently killed by her erstwhile ally and servant of Stormherald, Romani. Her last act was to tell Dave her patron's name.

Soon after this, the actions of Mesha's author when confronted by an emailed request for more information, suggested that her backstory up until the intervention of Stormherald was in fact engineered by her author with the intent of making her an anti-society weapon to exact revenge for an unknown grudge.


Besides the standard Mary-Sue powers, Mesha possesses a particular affinity with high technology, as even the most unlikely of devices work for her, first time. To take advantage of this, she carries a large number of gadgets with her at all times, including a Star Trek Ticorder. Among these, two are unique to her, and their similarity to society gadgets raises questions about her mystery ally....

C.A.P (Counts As Pellet)[]

A device similar to a society Guest Appearance. Twenty metres around Mesha count as if they were the Doctor Who fandom, allowing her to use her powers as a half Time-Lord.

Archangel Necklace[]

A neural interface device, derived from a miniaturised society S.E.P. Field that allows a certain influence, similar to Sueishness to affect those around her. Those affected forget about her presence unless she announces it, and any attempt to think too hard about her is met with an increasingly severe headache, distracting the thinker into other thoughts.


Mesha's Time-Lord powers include the ability to regenerate when close to death, provided she is in the Doctor Who fandom. This is a partial regeneration however, and her personality and certain aspects of her appearance remain the same.