Merle Ravensclaw
Merle, waiting and watching.
Name Merle Ravensclaw
Gender Female
Age 25
Introduced In "Insert False Gods Here"

Merle Senlui Crowley Raven Demon Ravensclaw is a Level 7 Sue, though she is regarded as a Level 8 at night and during full moon.


Little is known about Merle's origins save for the fact she was Ward of the Everqueen in Warhammer Fantasy; she uses the name Senlui and the epithet Senluriel whilst in that fandom, both words in High Elven meaning 'quick'. Many catastrophes befell her in her adolescence, which is rumoured to be how she became a werewolf, and potentially came into other powers too...

What is known now, however, is Merle's nature as a being of the night. She has three known sired sons, Simon, Percival and Richard.

More and more has been revealed about the history between Merle and Louise every time they meet. It has gone to the extent of hurting Louise's friends to get to her. Louise refused to divulge much at all, even to Alice, and this along with the evidence that was piling up had many agents concerned. Especially since this history comes with hints of a betrayal, possibly reasoning why Merle is targeting Louise through her friends.


Merle stands at around 5'3", and has a fair countenance of flawless skin and shining dark brown hair so long she could sit on it, were it not customarily tied up in a long plait. She often bears a haughty, arrogant expression in her brown eyes.

She does not dress flamboyantly. She will wear what is appropriate for the fandom, in muted and comfortable colours. The only time she has been known to dress deliberately to turn heads was in Rome, where she wore purple in the face of custom.

She is known to have an extensive entourage amidst her network of contacts, but of which only a few are currently known and even less their purpose. More names of possible Sues may be revealed if Louise - or Robert - can be persuaded to speak.


Despite a rather short stature for a Sue, this does not hinder her. Merle is an intimidating individual, radiating an aura of fear-driven authority; she expects to be obeyed by her inferiors and for them to hold no secrets from her. She is perhaps unusually militaristic for a Sue in her levels of self-discipline and structure, keeping her options open and staying several steps ahead.

However, while always careful and not too arrogant, she has a hot temper and a sharp tongue. One who crosses her will be sorry, not just immediately but for the rest of their lives (however short) as she will hold a grudge. She also has a malicious streak, not thinking anything about allowing Richard free rein over the fate of his victims.

Merle has no wish to be top dog among the other Sues; she prefers to go about her own business while leaving the Society to be dealt with by others with a more vested interest in crushing them (i.e. Runoa).


Merle was first encountered by the Society on Louise's first solo mission to the Stargate SG1 fandom. There were hints of an extensive past between her and Louise, calling her 'Mirani' and suggesting some sort of debt to be paid.

She made a second appearance in the Legacy of Kain fandom, again appearing to haunt Louise, who this time had brought along her Society cohort and housemate Alice. After learning who the Sue was in this fandom, Louise wanted to go back but the two pressed on to the Sarafan Stronghold; however they ran into a trap, and Alice was captured. She was taken by Richard, who appeared to be Merle's second-in-command, to face an uncertain and probably painful fate. Louise, who Alice had hidden behind a pillar before her capture, then revealed herself, and she and Merle duelled; Merle ultimately won, and dragged Louise to the dungeon where they hung a rope round Alice's neck and nearly choked her - but for reasons unknown they left Louise within reach of Alice's power sword, and she was able to free her friend and flee.

Merle was next detected in the Rome fandom, along with Richard and also with his younger, but identical brother Robert. A large team of agents dressed up and plunged in, plying the matriarch of the Julii clan to tempt the family into the Society's clutches. Merle used her expert manipulation of a confrontation to seriously threaten Louise, but when this backfired she attempted to use her as a hostage. Louise was rescued and Tash engaged her, the pair revealing they knew slightly more about the other than they thought, and both ending up wounded. Merle eventually cut her losses, and took Richard through a plothole, leaving Rome - and Robert - behind.

The next major appearance of Merle, and her first real act against the Society was in Warhammer Fantasy. Stupidly Louise plunged in alone to track her down, but unfortunately this was a trap; Merle knew Louise enough to know that she would be alone. She had the hapless agent dragged to the White Tower of Hoeth, home to the powerful mage Teclis, and subjected her to considerable torture before leaving as a team from the Society came to rescue Louise. Alice, the closest to Louise, had to be sent back before the mission was complete, leaving the rescuers with only the cryptic advice 'stay out of the moonlight'.

Merle was seen in Sue Factor as one of the judges, but her links to any of the other major Sues spotted are unknown.

A month after Louise's rescue, however, the agent took several agents hostage for an unknown purpose. It was revealed in the investigation afterwards that Merle was ultimately behind this incident: in the White Tower Louise was implanted with a sleeper agent spell that was triggered by a call on her communicator, completely innocuous to others, and she was henceforth acting under blind duress, leaving her with no memory of her actions. The spell was removed, but Adrian and Phoenixia remained concerned about what Merle could have had Louise do in the intervening month.

Much was revealed during Robert's parole hearing about Merle's nature, history and other contacts. It was decided soon after that said nature had transcended the acceptable threat of level 6, seeing that the Society now knew of her lupine form, and thus revised her level up to 7. It was also suggested that she was given a secondary rating for night and full moon, as this was when she was believed the most dangerous. Primarily this has been aimed to give people a second thought before charging in after her unprepared.

Powers and Advantages[]

  • Werewolf: Merle can change at will, but is infinitely more powerful at the full moon. She does not seem to decrease much at new moon. One bite is sufficient to turn anyone else, unless she bites to kill. Only Robert and Louise have any idea of what appearance she takes. This also affords her lupinesque senses and reflexes.
  • Armies and Contacts:
    • Her three sons have all sired werewolves of their own, forming three clans that have their own advantages but ultimately are loyal to her as their grandsire.
    • She also has the Witch-Hunters, a mortal army, of which Robert and Louise were both members as Lieutenant and Sergeant respectively.
    • Wider still is an extensive network of informers spread across all the fandoms she has an interest in. She always makes sure to leave an agent in there as a main contact.
  • The Circle: 'Merle's pet sorcerers...'