Name Mary-Su
Gender Female
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Bad Dinosaur Related Pun Here"

Megalia Amiti Raven Ylora Sally Undine (メガリア・アンダイン Megaria Andain), also known as Mary-Su (メアリー・スー Mearī Sū), was a Level 5 Sue.


Mary-Su was a typical Sue, with perfect features and personality. However, as a sign of her low level, she wasn't always perfect, occasionally getting annoyed by enemies' behavior.


Mary-Su had a typical Sue personality; arrogant and condescending. She also demonstrated the ability to feel annoyance, as shown by her description of Phantom. In short, she was a hot-off-the-press Sue.


Mary-Su was first found by Tyler in the Dinosaur King fandom. When they first battled, Mary-Su defeated him, but Tyler succeeded in placing a Prohibitor on the Sue. She then escaped, and Tyler hunted her through the fandom for several days (due to his being placed in jail). He finally caught her using a highly caffeinated drink.

Mary-Su is presumably released, and subsequently killed, when Willowe released all of the Sues from the basement.