Name Meg
Gender Female
Age probably very young
Introduced In "Insert Inappropriate Time Agent Here"

Meg is Emma's dog.


A playful collie, Meg is Emma's pet, and although she's not allowed on missions, Emma sometimes brings her anyway. Meg first appeared in Emma's trip to the Torchwood fandom.

Though Meg is adorable and useful on missions, her presence can sometimes cause trouble. This is mostly due to her slightly hyper attitude, her love of chasing things, and particularly, her love of sitting on people's chests (Beth or Kate in particular).

Meg does not make another main appearance until the Society's trip to the Uglies fandom, in which Alyana Markerstone kidnaps Meg for ransom. However, Meg escapes in "Insert Weird Foreboding Prophecy Here", and even rescues the society.

Meg is referred to affectionately as "Meggie-chan" by Aster.

When the three Welsh agents left the Society Meg is perceived to have left as well.