McLaren Ferrari
McLaren in his red F1 jumpsuit.
Name McLaren Ferrari
Gender Male
Age Mid-teens
Introduced In "Insert Ludicrous Cyberpunk AI Here"

McLaren Mercedes TVR Lexus-Lotus Corvette Ferrari the Fifteenth is a Level 4 Stu.


As his name would suggest, McLaren likes his cars. Whether he can actually drive one, legally or otherwise, is another matter entirely, and has not yet been tested.


McLaren's eyes change colour at random intervals, neither being the same hue at the same time; it is assumed to be a form of complete heterochromia iridium. The colours that have been observed thus far are numerous; from the natural eye colours of blue, green, brown, hazel and grey to weird ones like luminous aqua, purple and orange. They are his most distinctive physical feature, and they have been described as 'traffic lights', though it is unknown if he has a natural eye colour at all.

He is about 5'6" in height, and when he was caught he was wearing a yellow, red, blue and white Formula One jumpsuit. He is slightly foppish when it comes to his luscious black locks too, but he cares about his hair less now he is in the basement.


McLaren enjoys being in power and lording it over others, but has a tendancy to squeak annoyingly when things don't go his way. He is capable of sensible moments on occasion, though these are rarely appreciated. He blusters a lot and acts more childish than he appears, making him somewhat reviled by fellow inmate and agent alike, though some guess that this is only a show.


He was discovered in the Warhammer 40k universe with a squad of Crimson Fist Space Marines under his thumb. The Space Marine Librarian (no comparison to the same in the Library Arcanium) was beginning to shake his control when Alice and Louise arrived in the fandom disguised as Inquisitors to sort him out; he refused to obey McLaren's gleeful edict to kill them and instead brought the pair of agents before a real Inquisitor, Ario Barzano. He was not swayed by McLaren's power and thus was able to assist in bringing him down. Just after McLaren's capture, he was another witness to @'s invasion of the Library, and in an unusual moment of sensible epiphany, informed his peers in the basement of @'s existence.

McLaren was, of course, involved in the Basement Incident, but for one reason or another - indignant at the capitulation, genuine concern or simply going too far in his bluster - he was mercilessly thrown back into a cell, forcing him out of the way, after attempting to challenge Louise's leadership.

It was discovered the hard way that McLaren has a natural weakness in the form of a severe allergy to peanuts, when he went into anaphylactic shock after only a few mouthfuls of a stir-fry cooked in peanut oil. He was admitted to the Hospital Wing on ventilator assistance and on doses of adrenaline, but by the meeting the next morning, he had regained consciousness. Alice was the only one who cared enough to sit by his bedside during his ordeal.

Weapons and Abilities[]

McLaren's eyes can change colour at random intervals.

McLaren had two swords, one shaped like an elongated Corvette symbol made of lightweight magnesium, and another longer and stronger blade covered in BMW roundels. Both of these were destroyed by Alice's Power Sword, the former actually lighting on fire because of it. He didn't seem to be that good a swordsman anyway.

Aside from those, he didn't seem to show any further powers than what would be expected of a Stu of his level, even if he focused quite considerably on the 'character brainwashing' side of these.