Matthew Slaymaker
Name Matthew Slaymaker
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Reincarnated Evil Here"

Matthew Slaymaker is a Level 6 Stu.



Matthew is about average height, with brown hair and brown eyes. His current attire consists of a smaller version of the suit of armor worn by Shadow Knights from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow game.


Headstrong, cocky, and self-assured, Matthew is very much an average Stu. He initially considers most of his opponents pushovers, and tends to get irritated when they prove to be otherwise.


Matthew happened across Avalon Code by chance and was astonished when he discovered the Book of Prophecy. He quickly stole the Book for himself, and intended to stay hidden in the fandom while he mastered it, but Lily and Shirley intervened, forcing him into a corner. Though his skill with the Book had progressed to the point where he managed to revive the game's final boss to fight against the Agent and Muse, he was still defeated and fled at the last second.

His next move was to take over the Aria of Sorrow fandom, growing even more powerful as he stole powers and weapons from the game and scanned the various demons of Dracula's castle into the Book of Prophecy, revealing to Lily when she arrived that he intended to use the book to create an army that was literally both endless and invincible. Though Lily came within a hair of defeating him, she was knocked out by Holly, Matthew's girlfriend, and had to be rescued by Karissa.

Matthew's last battle came in the Demigod fandom, facing Avak and Lily until the Sovereign Passion interrupted them. He forced the two agents and Matthew and Holly into a seemingly pointless but very dangerous game of Capture The Flag, as is his wont. The Sues cheated by attempting to kill him and resumed their battle. The enraged Passion prevented Holly and her allies from harming Avak, and his anti-Sue power was revealed; this outburst of power just managed to save Lily from death at Matthew's hand. Both Matthew and Holly were subsequently captured by the Society and incarcerated in the Library's Basement.

Due to the danger Matthew presented and the numerous times he posed injury or death to agents, he wears the high-risk shoot-on-sight-if-escaped blue basement T-shirt.


Matthew's single most defining attribute is the possesion of The Book of Prophecy, a mystical tome stolen from the Avalon Code fandom. With the Book, Matthew can re-write the 'code' of any person or object scanned into the book, changing its very essence to whatever he chooses. Using the book, he also stole the Power of Dominance from Soma Cruz in Aria of Sorrow, giving him the ability to tap into the power of souls stolen from demons in Dracula's castle. These powers run the gamut from shapeshifting, to throwing fireballs, to simple super-strength. He also obtained the Chlaim Solais there, a huge sword with a diamond blade that has become his preferred weapon.