Mary-Ann Twilight
Name Mary-Ann Twilight
Gender Female
Age 14
Introduced In "Insert Horrible Sephiroth Imitation Here"

Mary-Ann Francesca Amber Holiday Twilight Yana the Third (and ½) (メリアン・トワイライト Merian Towairaito) is a Level 5 Sue.


"You Society jerks think you're all that..." -Mary-Ann

A Mary-Sue found in the fandom of Final Fantasy 7, Mary-Ann is something of an oddity among Sues as she had a lot of common sense, perhaps due to her realization that she, being only fourteen, has not yet developed the full of extent of her powers yet and thus must use them more craftily to compensate.

She, like all Sues, prefers to dress in outfits that maximize her beauty and assets, but always makes sure her outfits have some practicality to them as well. Strangely, despite the underdevelopment of her powers, she was still able to gain control of FF7's main characters and even give Sephiroth a complete one-eighty on his personality. However, her control was not perfect as the canon characters still retained most of their individuality and had a niggling feeling in their back of their minds that someone was wrong with Mary-Ann.

Upon the Society's arrival to FF7, she immediately attempted to flee while using her control over the canon characters to cover her escape, possibly because she knew that the Society's agents could reverse the damage she had done. However, due to the efforts of the Society's Agents, she was captured and Final Fantasy 7 was returned to its semi-chaotic, twisted normalcy.

Mary-Ann was released from the basement along with the other Sues and Stus, and chased Doug and Cristoph with a rocket launcher, blasting them with a seemingly endless supply of missiles before being dog-piled by a bunch of Spider-man copies thanks to Adrian's Fiction Press move. Later, she shows up to help her comrades fight Adrian during his final battle.

When the Sues and Stus invade the Real World, she is the first to find them and mocks them and particuarly Tash, saying that Adrian died like a coward and throwing his bloody pendant at the Agents feet and easily restrains Ossa when she tries to tackle Mary-Ann. However, she is ended quickly when Tash summoned Nephthys to her and slashes Mary-Ann's arm off, who, in shocked disbelief, asks for it back before Nephthys ignites her and burns her to a little pile of ash.