Name Martha
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Dave
Introduced In "Insert The Original Indestructible Captain Here"
Make Land Rover Defender
Colour White (originally)
Length 4m 60 cm (15’1”)
Width 1m 79 cm (5’6”)
Seats 4 to 12
Body style Five-door station wagon
Layout Front engine, four-wheel drive
Transmission Double manual gearbox

Martha is a vehicle primarily used by Dave in the service of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Martha is a Long Wheelbase Land Rover Defender, white in colour, with the words 'Time Commander' written on the driver's door (on the right-hand side) in dark blue.

Martha possesses five doors, two on each side in the manner of a normal car, and one rear door that permits access to the rear compartment, upon which is mounted the spare wheel.

Martha has seatbelts for nine occupants, but can seat twelve or more if required. All of Martha's standard seats (with the obvious exception of the driver's) can be removed depending upon requirements. The inward facing bench seats at the rear, however, cannot.


  • Breather pipe: Vents the exhaust above the roof to enable passage through deep water.
  • Transfer Gear Box: A secondary 'Low Range' gearbox, operated from a second gear lever on the centre console.
  • Roof bars: Additional luggage storage.
  • Bullbars: A metal framework at the front of the vehicle designed to protect the engine block from collision with a solid obstacle.
  • Lighting array: Four lights operated from inside the vehicle, mounted to the front of the roof bars, also two additional lights attached to the bullbars.
  • Winch: Usually stored under the bench seats in the back, but mounted to the bullbars when in use.
  • Tool kit: Storage space under bench seats contains; repair kit, shovel, first aid kit, small oxygen tank, and whatever else Dave thinks may be required.
  • Navigation system: A voice-activated navigational computer system modified to chart the differing time periods of the Primeval fandom. Inside this fandom, the vehicle's position can be located to within 10 metres, and/or 100 years. Outside of Primeval, however, this system is much less accurate, and indeed regularly demands that the driver rejoin the nearset main road.
  • Anomaly inducers: Designed to forcibly open, lock or close the Temporal Anomalies of Primeval, these have been disabled and disconnected, but remain in the bullbars.


Martha hails from a Primeval fic that Dave conceived a while before joining the Society, but abandoned as unworkable. However, her original owner - whom Dave never got around to creating in much detail - believed the Sat-Nav computer sounded like Martha Jones from Doctor Who, hence her name.

Martha first appeared in the society when Dave entered the Captain Scarlet fandom, and was utilised in order to avoid appearing out of thin air with a plothole generator in front of Spectrum security agents. Here, she was used as little more than transport, and indeed was left parked at the mine where Spectrum was set up, largely unoticed. During the battle with Mesha however, the LPGB gained access to see if Dave had left anything behind that might assist, and while they did so, Jared's Boomhammer connected with the bonnet, denting it badly. The weapon then smashed the windscreen and landed on the centre console, smashing all the windows with the sonic boom, and breaking the handbrake in the process. The LPGB's attempts to control the runaway vehicle only resulted in the activation of the CD player, playing first Caramelldansen, and then Invincible by Pat Benetar.

At some point after this, and prior to the New Forest camping trip Martha was repaired, most likely by Jared, who claimed that with the replacement of the transfer box, and the reassembly of the components that fell off in collision with the mine building, her remaining damage was purely cosmetic.