Maria V
Name Maria V
Gender Female
Age 17
Introduced In "Insert Vampires Catering to Fanservice Here"

Maria Sweet Sophe V (pronounced Maria Sweet Sophe the Fifth or Maria Five) is a Level 5 Sue.


Maria is tall and dark with a full head of ash blonde hair that's piled ridiculously on top of itself in a style that's part-beehive and part-waterfall of pale greyish tresses. Her hair is the first thing that anyone takes notice of. Because of her hair, her body seems disproportionate - her long brown and tanned legs in addition to her thin and slender neck seem too skinny in comparison to her overladen head. Her hands are tipped with long flawlessly painted nails, but her arms fall a full foot short from where the bottom of her hair curls out at her back. Maria was wearing a quaint hand-sewn sundress, impractical cork platform heels and lots of sparkling jewellery, when she was first seen by Karissa and Charis.


Maria stole the heart of main character Stefan Salvatore in the television version of The Vampire Diaries. She claimed that she did so in order to free up Elena Gilbert so that she in turn could get together with her "true" love, Damon Salvatore. At first Karissa was slow to apprehend Maria because she approved of the non-canon pairing that Maria had created; however, after a lecture from Charis, Karissa realized her duty and tried to talk Maria into leaving the fandom. After Maria escalated the situation, Karissa was forced to use violence and the Gilbert anti-vampire device in order to Prohibit Maria and lead her back to the Library.


Maria possessed strong powers of persuasion that augmented a Sue's natural ability to manipulate canon characters. Above that, she also had supernatural speed, strength and hearing as a result of being a vampire. She seemed able to control her bloodlust.