Marcus Pate
Marcus Pate02.jpg
Name Marcus Pate
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Random Alphanumeric Code Here"

Marcus Pate is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



His exact weight is unspecified, but he always answers "more than I'd like". His clothing, which he recently altered, is heavily based on the Invisible Man, leaving not a square inch of his skin exposed. This is satirical of his usual habit of never showing his eyes, which are always hidden behind dark clip-on shades on his wire-frame glasses. He also carries an umbrella, which, in addition to having a shield spell placed on it which activates when it opens, conceals a sword that pulls out of the shaft.


One of the earliest recruits, Marcus Pate was the first to successfully use a Prohibitor on a Sue/Stu. This reflects his dislike of fighting, prefering to let others take care of that for him or to drag others down to his own level, though lately that has changed slightly.

Marcus is openly homosexual, and has feelings for the Storm Hawks character Junko, whom he was banned from seeing. However, unbeknownst to the other agents, he uses a copy of the sheep talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures to astral project and continue to see Junko in his (Junko's) dreams.

Marcus is somewhat of a mystery, though he often gives away enough clues to solve it. He very rarely shows any powerful emotions, and is somewhat of a workaholic, as he loves working for the Society, having joined to escape the traumas of reality. He is also one of the few agents who has never stolen any of Adrian's sweets, being on a diet.

Marcus' biggest regret is his creation (and abandonment) of The Elementals, a team of superheroes from an unfinished saga set in the Teen Titans fandom. To his dismay, they one day escaped from the Vault of Abandoned Ideas to complete their story. He currently dedicates nearly all of his time to imprisoning them in the Library's basement.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tiger Talisman[]

Marcus' most well-known trait is his possession of an exact duplicate of the Tiger talisman from the Jackie Chan Adventures fandom, which he wears as a pendant. When split in half, instead of separating his good and evil sides, it divides him into the two things that affect his decisions the most: thought and emotion. Thought Marcus is a clean-shaven, emotionless nerd with a speech impediment that causes him to constantly stutter, and Emotion Marcus is an immature, impulsive roughhouser with a voice filled with emotion at all times. The two are nearly identical in Marcus' latest attire, but Emotion Marcus wears sunglasses with contact lenses underneath, and Thought Marcus wears horn-rimmed glasses with lenses too thick for anyone to see his eyes through.

Other Talismans[]

Marcus later copied the Sheep talisman (which contains the power of astral projection) without the knowledge of the rest of the Society, and he has gotten three more as a result of the Christmas Secret Santa - the Rooster (levitation), the Rabbit (super speed), and the Ddragon (a powerful explosive blast). He later used advanced magic to change the Rabbit talisman copy into a duplicate of the Rat talisman, which has the power to grant motion to the motionless.


  • Having been in therapy since he was a child, Marcus has a reasonable knowledge of psychology, which he rarely hesitates to use.
  • Marcus has a mental disorder known as Asperger syndrome.
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