Name M14 EBR
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Ingrid, Rhia
Introduced In "Insert Another Classic War Story Here"

The M14 EBR is a weapon used by Society Agent Rhia and Ingrid.


"If the enemy's in range, so are you." - Anonymous

In the real world, this weapon is used mainly by the US military. In the fictional world, it made appearances in Call of Duty as a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It was this specific rifle that Rhia and Ingrid use in their missions whenever necessary. The weapon weighs about 5.1kgs and has a total length of 38-in from stock to barrel (end to end). It has an effective range of 800m, making it one of the Society's longest range weapons. However, two different versions of the weapon is used by the Rhia and Ingrid, who have differing preferences.

Rhia's rifle is the basic rifle; uses a basic scope (4x) with 7.62x51mm rounds. It has the same penetration power as an AK-47, making it a good, all-rounder rifle.

Ingrid's rifle, however, uses a more powerful scope (16x) as she prefer a .338 Lapua Magnum round. This makes her rifle significantly heavier, it carries less rounds (10, as opposed to Rhia's 20), and it gives a larger recoil. But it also gives her better accuracy and greater penetration power, allowing her shots to be more precise at longer range.