Louise and one of her collection of handguns.
Name Louise
Gender Female
Age Unknown, although the general response to this question is: Mind your own business!
Introduced In "Insert Difficult and Complex Written Test Here"

Louise is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Louise joined the Society after Tash became Librarian and previously knowing her through university and the WARGS. She is usually quiet when in a crowd, but once she knows you, she is jovial and bubbly. Louise usually teams up with best friend and housemate, Alice, and is not afraid of taking on missions outside her usual area of fandom interest.

Despite her dislike of telling people her age, a large number of agents know that she is the oldest non-immortal in the Society.

Like the majority of agents, Louise has brought a number of problems with her when joining the Society. There are few people who know it all (Alice and Tash) and a fellow agent would be unwise to question her on the topic of her past as it is unlikely they will get the full picture. However a lot of this past is now out in the open, much to Louise's chagrin.


Louise will dress in the most appropriate outfit for the fandom. This could mean something as simple as dressing for the climate, or something as complex as a trip to the newly discovered Automatic Tailorisation Machine.

She is fairly short in stature, and a little on the round side. Her hair is dark-brown, currently shoulder-length and straight, although this may change on a whim. It is generally tied in a high bushy ponytail.


Louise's training mission ended with her in a vat of custard. She does not like to talk about this to anyone.

Her first real mission was a joint mission with Alice into the Warhammer 40K fandom. After a short problem, where the two agents ended up on their knees with bolters at their heads, they managed to capture the Stu McLaren Ferrari, with the assistance of senior agents Michael and Claire. She was also a witness to @'s release.

Louise's first solo mission as a fully-fledged agent was into the Stargate SG-1 fandom, where she encountered an old nemesis Merle Ravensclaw. This being one of Louise's favourite fandoms, she was not happy that her 'greatest foe' was corrupting it. Louise and Merle faced off, but the agent was forced to beat a hasty retreat back to the Library. There is some considerable past between her and Merle, but only Tash knew anything more than rumours at this point.

Her next mission was another joint mission with Alice to Legacy of Kain, although Louise protested greatly before leaving the Library. They entered the dangerous fandom, and once more came across Merle and her second-in-command Richard, and both agents returned injured; Alice more seriously than Louise.

Louise was, reluctantly, a part of the giant mission into the Rome fandom in search of Merle and her entourage, made up of Richard and his twin brother Robert. The party succeeded in capturing the latter, but Louise ended up on the roof with a knife at her throat after Merle realised that she had little recourse but to run from the Society. She was rescued and the party returned victorious, even if Louise went off to sulk afterwards.

Her next mission was once more with Alice to the little-known fandom The Shadowleague, but she had to return prematurely for a job interview. While she was gone Alice was attacked by the Ak'Zahar and ended up in hospital. Louise maintained a constant vigil at her bedside, and the guilt for leaving her best friend at the vampires' mercy remains to this day.

Not too long after Alice was on the road to recovery, Louise ended up in Merle's clutches once more, but this time as part of her deliberate trap in Warhammer Fantasy. She missed the return of Adrian, but a week after she had vanished a rescue party with Alice in tow went into the fandom to rescue her, bringing back her broken and battered form.

However things took a strange turn when a month afterwards Louise let the Sues in the basement out of their cells and took five Society members hostage, including the then-eleven-year-old Emily, for the apparent reason of letting the inmates go free. Robert seemed to be her accomplice, although Roxelana and Ash became more into it, willingly following her orders. Alarmed and confused by her actions, the rest of the Society managed to defeat her and free the hostages. However when Tash and Adrian came to question her, she had no memory of the events. The investigation proceeded into quite dark behaviour for all, not knowing what might help; an interrogation of Robert revealed the possibility of ulterior motives from Merle when Louise was her prisoner in the White Tower, and after taking measures to get the frightened Louise to co-operate, Phoenixia managed to destroy the programming in Louise's mind. The aftermath to this incident has left her very withdrawn, and with a distrust of the Librarian.

She was not permitted into Robert's parole hearing for varying reasons, though she was asked to write him a character witness that set a good impression at the beginning. During the hearing, to Louise's dismay a lot of her past came out, including the facts that she was once Merle's favourite and that Richard had once killed her, only for Merle to bring her back via necromancy. Eventually Robert was granted his freedom and given leave to remain in the Library, and Alice was made his parole supervisor. She was overjoyed to be able to hug her old friend again, and is determined to help him settle in.

Louise finally had her first real capture in a mission to Pride And Prejudice when she, along with Tom who was acting as her chaperone, apprehended Aaliyah Nejem and restored the secondary canon pairing of the fandom. However she also found, much to her chagrin, that a Stu from that fandom - one Spencer Worthington of Cambridge - confessed his undying love for her. He only fled when Louise threatened him with her Glock.

Pre-Society History[]

Nearly seven years before she joined the Society, she had been in Merle's employ, initially as her favourite. She was known as 'Mirani' during this time. This favour waned over several months, culminating in an argument with Richard - who before she arrived had enjoyed Merle's favour above all others - which eventually concluded when he ended her life by ripping out her heart. Merle was not about to let her die, and using necromancy she was able to bring her back to life.

However not long after this she fell more and more from favour, ending up with the mortal army the Witch-Hunters, under the eye of Vincent and his lieutenant Robert. The latter and Mirani became more friends than comrades-in-arms, even though he was her superior officer, and she valued him as a trusted confidante and friend. After eighteen months in Blackspire castle, however, she had decided that the time had come to leave and did so with her friends' blessings - though to the anger of Merle, who had let one get away. Mirani, returning home and taking up her birth name again, could never have expected that this apparent 'betrayal' of Merle would result in such trouble to her new acquaintances...

Louise seldom speaks of her time with Merle, but Ben was able to glean some information by eavesdropping on Louise's conversation with Robert prior to his parole hearing. Ben was able to note down several names, which may prove valuable to the Society in the future, including reference to a mysterious Circle.


  • Alice: Alice is Louise's best friend, both in the Society and in Real Life. She trusts her fellow agent implictly in all aspects of her life. However, there are parts of Louise's past that even Alice does not know.
  • Robert: Robert has known Louise longer than anyone else in the Society, being her superior officer within the Witch-Hunters. Louise feels very comfortable chatting to Robert, and will happily disclose things to him.
  • Merle: Merle is Louise's nemesis. Louise worked for Merle for 18 months, under the name Mirani, but was declared a traitor when she attempted to leave for Real Life again.
  • Richard: Louise's past history with Richard has caused her to be fearful of Merle's son. What the Society know of the relationship between them is that Richard has managed to kill Louise in the past, with the latter being resurrected by Merle.
  • Tash: Louise knew Tash from Real Life and the pair have always been friends. When Louise joined the Society, however, the relationship between them changed, with the junior (and yet elder) agent finding herself a subordinate to her younger friend.
  • Adrian: When Louise joined the Society, Adrian was dead. Following his resurrection, the pair got off on the wrong foot. Louise had not been around at the time of Adrian's resurrection, and then, just over a month after his return, he was forced to treat her as a potential traitor. This second action is the main reason that Louise is a little nervous around the Librarian. She hasn't completely forgiven him for what he did to her and Alice, despite the latter's forgiveness being given quickly. Whenever Adrian enters a room where Louise is, she will fall quiet; she is still very scared of him.

Abilities and Weapons[]

Louise does not have any magic. Instead she relies on conventional weapons and her wits.


Louise is an accomplished rifleman, having trained for years under a former army officer. She can handle several basic firearms - pistols and rifles.

She also has basic first aid training, learnt during her years in the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts for the yanks).


Louise likes her handguns, and is building a collection of them to match any situation.

  • Laspistol: On the first mission after her practical test, Louise gained a laspistol from the Warhammer 40k fandom. It is equipped with an Inquisitorial-strength battery, meaning it will last for a very long time. Unlike her friend Alice's power sword that was gained on the same mission, it is a standard-issue weapon and does not have any fancy embellishments. However she finds it cumbersome, and tends to leave it behind.
  • Glock 17: On Louise's first solo mission to Stargate SG-1, she recovered a Glock 17 pistol from the corpse of a dead Stargate officer. It is simple, and that is the way Louise likes it. This is the weapon favoured for missions, but that may change as her arsenal increases.
  • Zat'ni'katel: The next gun added to her collection was a zat'ni'katel, an energy-disrupter small firearm, retrieved again from the Stargate SG-1 fandom.
  • Phaser: Louise managed to aquire a new gun for her collection after she was able to keep Captain Janeway's (of Star Trek: Voyager fame) phaser after @'s had 'fun' on the Holodeck.


Louise is an archaeologist by nature. She is likely to be distracted on missions by any form of gothic architecture, especially if it forms part of a church or cathedral.

She is also very bookish, and is usually found in the medieval history section of the Library.

Her interest in history has led to her tracing her family tree. Her office is plastered with it. She is very proud of it, and will take any opportunity to explain it to someone.

Louise plays the flute, and likes to practice frequently.


  • Louise has a mediocre singing voice, preferring only to perform amongst friends at karaoke. There are few among her fellow agents who have heard it (Alice, Dave, Tash, Gareth, Red and Jess).
  • Louise is not the fittest agent. She suffers from asthma, which makes any prolonged strenuous activity challenging. Hence she prefers projectile weaponry.
  • Louise's theme song is: It's the Fear by Within Tempation - although no-one has yet dared to ask why.

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