Litwick (or Hitomoshi)
Litwick!! They cheep at you. ^^
Name Litwick (or Hitomoshi)
Gender Both - there's lots of them
Age Quite young
Introduced In "Insert Second Chance Here"

The Litwicks are small Pokémon found to have been breeding in Alice's room.


Litwick is a small Ghost/Fire type Pokémon native to Celestial Tower in Unova. They look like small white candles with violet flames atop their heads and small yellow eyes. It is not known how they came to be in Alice's room, let alone start breeding there, but somehow they did and have. Alice first noticed them on the day of Robert's parole hearing, and they have been gradually increasing in number ever since. After Louise came back from Pride and Prejudice, Alice gave Robert one of them.

The Library's Litwicks are smaller than purported, easily fitting into two hands. They are also quite docile, not known for burning anything or doing any soul-stealing as the tales go. Some of them appear to be Japanese Litwicks, answering more to 'Hitomoshi'.


  • Robert was given the first of Alice's surplus.
  • Inara has a male Litwick named Charon.
  • Tash has two Litwicks.
  • Louise has a female Litwick.


Abilities: The Litwicks have shown both of the standard abilities for this species: Flash Fire, which absorbs fire attacks, or Flame Body, which burns the foe on contact. A couple have shown evidence of Shadow Tag, which prevents the foe from escaping, but this is rare. However as none of the Litwicks thus far have been trained, their abilities have not been put to use.

Attacks: Typically the Litwicks have not shown any intention of fighting or being fought with, but with the growing proliferation of them, some may wish to train theirs, given that the Litwick evolutionary family has a unique and quite powerful type combination. One of their best known moves is Hex, damaging anyone who has received the inevitable burn from fighting them.