Little Plastic Spetsnaz
Name Little Plastic Spetsnaz
Gender Not Applicable
Age Not Applicable
Introduced In "Insert Holy New Fic Batman! Here"

The Little Plastic Spetsnaz are weapons of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society used by Deraj as well as a character foil for The Little Plastic Green Beret.


The LPS started as a group of LPGB officers that had been taken from Jared's pocket when he had been captured by Deraj. Deraj created them by installing a smaller version of the Osiris program into their minds and painting them red. The Osiris program conflicted with the programming to behave like soldiers already present in their minds. This in combination with their red paint converted them into the Little Plastic Spetsnaz. When the LPGB first met their counter parts, they were astonished that members of their own number would defect from their own forces and join the Soviet Union (which is technically impossible after its dissolution). General Idea responded by ordering his troops to open fire on them. This caused severe mental distress within the LPGB's ranks seeing as they were firing on some of their own. The LPS's numbers initially started with 24, but that number was quickly reduced to 9 (eight that survived the battle with the LPGB and the one that was with Deraj) but Deraj has expressed intrerest in manufacturing more. The LPS currently is armed with the same weapons as the LPGB standard issue, but Deraj will most assuredly upgrade them in the future.

The LPS also have only a basic grasp of the English language, which causes massive communication problems with the other members of the PCMSPS. In a few desperate situations Deraj has managed to choke out a few random Russian phrases to help them to communicate, but his knowledge of the language is not extensive enough to make communicating in Russian practical; he has been known to execute officers who speak to him in Russian too often.