Lily Adamson
Name Lily Adamson
Gender Female
Age Mid-to-late teens
Introduced In "Insert Apocalyptic Philosophical Title Here"

Lily Adamson, formerly known as Bella Francine Carolyn Michelle Tracy Hannah Anna Paula Jenny Darline Karen Ginger Aubrey the Fourth (ベーラ・オブリ Bēra Oburi) is a former Level 6 Sue and now a agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



As a Sue, Lily's predominant color was green, with her hair, dress, and eyes all being the same exact shade of emerald green. She kept the color scheme for a time when she was inducted into the Society, but while on a shopping trip with Charis and Karissa, she underwent a wardrobe change. She now wears a long sleeved dress shirt with sleeves that hang down to her hands - in a muted color somewhere between white and grey - as well as a white skirt and white canvas shoes with long black shoelaces.

Lily stands at around 5'7 and is on the slender side with medium length green hair. Once, in an extreme bid to get Ben to pay more attention to her, she dyed her hair a really dark metallic green, until it almost appeared black. The dye was only semi-permanent and will probably eventually wash out.


Early on, while she was still a Sue, while not quite as conceited or arrogant as most other Sues, Lily was still very proud. A simple crack from Ben tended to be more than enough to send her flying into a rage. She has since mellowed somewhat after joining the Society, but her temper is still very real, especially where Ben is concerned. Both she and Shirley now claim ownership of the Agent and have began to fight over him, much to his chagrin...

Unlike most Sues, Lily was not out for domination or power while she was still a Mary-Sue. Instead, Lily only wished to use her abilites to ensure that the characters of the fandoms would never know pain or strife. But after her and Ben's secret final battle in the Buso Renkin fandom, she began to see things from a different viewpoint and began to understand the importance of allowing people to struggle in order to grow, something she is finally experencing for herself. 

As an Agent, Lily's goal is to prove herself strong enough to someday fight beside Ben on the battlefield, holding herself to almost impossibly high standards, which hints at a few self-esteem issues.

Lily is also an avid gamer, showing a natural talent at a wide variety of video game genres, something which is only to be expected, considering her home fandom was a popular video game itself.


Lily started out as a regular garden variety Sue named "Bella" in the World Ends With You Fandom. Her Author, a high school girl named Amanda, originally intended for her to be a love interest to Joshua, the Composer, and to eventually give her life for him against an extremely powerful foe. By now though, Lily had gained enough power to display some degree of autonomy. Breaking off from the intended storyline, Lily became the Composer herself, but took Joshua as a love interest anyway. Amanda, alarmed at the sudden development of free-will, alerted the Society and Ben was sent to deal with her.

After a confrontation with Ben and Shirley in the Dead God's Pad, and a brief chase scene down the Trail of the Sinner, Ben dropped a nuke on her and fled. Lily survived the blast and escaped to the Custom Robo fandom. Ben tracked her down there too, but Lily drove him off with her overly-powerful Robo, Athena. After Ben used his "coffeemaker" ability to escape, he contacted one of the fandom's anti-heroes and borrowed a souped-up illegal robo from him. After a brief but intense battle that ended in a tie, Ben passed out from the strain of the illegal Robo Parts. Lily moved in to finish him off, but was forced to retreat by Shirley and the anti-hero Ben borrowed the parts from.

Lily surfaced some time later in the Dragon Drive fandom. Ben followed her there as well, but their battle was interrupted and the two were forced to join forces against a common enemy. It is likely here that romantic feelings between the two began to develop.

Lily, discouraged by her repeated failures and confused by her growing feelings for Ben, chose to make a final stand in the Buso Renkin fandom. Ben camed armed with a new weapon: Bahamut. Lily was originally reluctant to fight, but after the two exchanged what they believed to be their last words, they launched into pitched battle. Though the fight was intense and Lily came within a hair of killing Ben, he ended up defeating her by breaking Bahamut and creating a blast of energy. Despite the fact that he had won, Ben could not bring himself to kill or imprision Lily, realizing that he too had feelings for her. Instead, Ben created a mini-fandom of sorts and hid Bella away there, telling the Society he had killed her, to throw them off the trail (although Aster remained starkly aware of their relationship).

Lily was eventually kidnapped by Neb, a member of the Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society, under threat of death so that Ben would cooperate with his demands. Ben managed to rescue Lily, but the two were prevented from escaping by one of Ben's old characters who had allied himself with the Protection Society. When a strike force from the Elimination Society tracked Ben down, a battle ensued between the two Societies, and Lily found herself fighting alongside the very people who not ten days before had been trying to capture her. After Ben killed Neb and the Protection Society retreated Ben and Lily found themselves trapped in a collapsing cave, when Asasca, Ben's character, saved them.

Lily was not immediately accepted in the Society - she was Permanently Prohibited and was forced to take the entrance exam before she could enter.

As of "Insert Retconned Badass Looking Warbler Here", Bella's name was changed to Lily to eliminate any association with Twilight.

Sometime after her name change, Lily encountered her old Author, Amanda. Amanda had changed considerably since they'd last seen each other, now considering Sues to be abominations and accusing Lily of even greater Sue-ism now that she was Prohibited. Reduced to tears, Lily fled, only to fall victim to a mysterious coughing fit. Ben and Dave brought her to the sick bay, where she lost consciousness for two days. Upon awakening, Lily learned that since she had never developed an immune system (since Sues were immune to disease anyway) she had been rendered particularly vulnerable to disease after her Prohibition, leading to her brush with death at the hands of the common cold. Valerie, with Phonexia's help, quickly developed a treatment to boost Lily's immune system and she quickly recovered.

When a group training session led by Ben went awry, the majority of the Society was incapacitated and rendered bedridden after a mass overdose on Firebrand Whiskey. With Lily being one of the few avalable Agents left on active duty, she pleaded with Michael to allow her to go after Matthew Slaymaker, a Level 6 Stu who had invaded the Avalon Code fandom and stolen the immensely powerful Book of Prophecy. Michael agreed, only after Shirley offered to go with Lily, resulting in some friction between the two. Upon entry into the fandom, a battle ensued between Lily and Shirley and the Stu. Despite his using the Book of Prophecy to ressurect a canon villan, Matthew was forced to flee, taking the Book of Prophecy with him.

Lily then entered Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow when Matthew resurfaced and learned that the Stu was planning to create a virtually endless army using the Book of Prophecy. Though Lily fought hard, she was subdued with the help of Matthew's girlfriend, Holly, and was nearly killed, only to be rescued by Karissa.

As Ben grew busier and busier with his own personal projects, Lily struck up a friendship with Avak, taking him shopping with her in The World Ends With You, and accompanying him on his training misson to The One in order to capture Ashley Harken. Once they found her however, they encountered Ash Harth, a Level 7 Stu, who was trying to kill Ashley so he could absorb her strength and become The One. Lily initially tried to hold Ash off alone so Avak and Ashley could escape, but she was eventually overpowered and nearly killed by Ash, only to be rescued by Avak.

Powers and Abilites[]

As a Mary-Sue, Lily displayed the ability to fire strong beams of bright green energy from her hands in addition to the usual Sue powers. These were removed with her Permanent Prohibition.

Once she was without her powers, Lily realized just how weak she was. Despite receiving help from most of the Society, she was unable to find a weapon or fighting style that suited her. Seeing her commitment, and as a reward for passing part of her entry exam, Ben edited an existing The World Ends With You fanfiction and simply stole the Pins he thought Lily was capable of using from the story.  

Lily's Pin Deck is comprised mostly of Negative (long ranged) Pyschs and favors power over speed. Her Deck originally contained a Nexus Ray Pin called "Anguis", but she recently substitued Egg Bomb for Anguis as she felt it didn't fit her fighting style. The Pins currently in her Deck are:

Ice Blow: A Negative Psych Pin that strikes from the ground underneath her target with a gigantic icicle.

Top Gear: Allows Lily to teleport short distances so long as her destination is within her line of sight. Teleporting too often in a short period of time or teleporting too far can cause dizzy spells and shortness of breath.

Live Slow, Die Fast: A Neutral (variable range) Psych Pin that allows Lily to move and manipulate inanimate objects from a distance and utilize them as weapons. The distance to which she can move an object is limited to within her line of sight, much like with Top Gear, and she cannot sustain continuous use of the Pin for very long.

Excalibur: A Negative Psych Pin that fires a blast of lightning from Lily's hand.

Wild Line: A Positive (close range) Psych Pin that creates a massive, glowing blade of energy for a single devastating strike. The Pin requires time to charge before the sword can be manifested, however, and when it is created, it is so large that Lily must use both hands to weild it.

Egg Bomb: A Neutral Psych Pin with the power to transform anything Lily touches into an explosive. The strength of the bomb is dependent on the size of the object used.


  • She was originally named after Twilight character Bella Swan in order to give Ben the opportunity to blow up a Twilight-named character. As the storyline developed however, this somewhat backfired...
  • Her theme song is "Dancing for Rain" by Rise Against.
  • Special thanks to complexities for the picture on this page.
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