Lil' C
Name Lil' C
Gender Don't ask...
Age Juvenile
Introduced In "Insert Hello How Do You Do Here"

Lil' C is Stephen's pet god.


Lil' C is the child form of Cthulhu. It is green, small, bipedal, has three fingers and toes, a bulbish, tentacled head, and short, useless wings. It is usually seen wearing a diaper, and it should not be seen when it isn't.


Lil' C is childlike in its outlook, and intensely curious. It is particularly attracted to shiny things. Stephen tries to keep it from running around unsupervised, but it can still frequently be seen scampering about the Library, unsupervised. Following an incident with a flask of Firebrand Whiskey that was soon made empty, Lil' C developed a major sweet tooth, and became particularly fond of Firebrand Whiskey.

Lil' C will periodically get 'confused', and accidentally channel the mind of its elder self, who is malevolent, grumpy, and very capable of turning the Society insane(er). These episodes are prevented by a special pill created by Stephen. The pill was, allegedly, made with a mixture of powdered phlebotinum, newt eyeballs, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom, banana peels, and superglue.


Lil' C came from one of Stephen's original plans for a weapon, but Tash quickly ix-nayed it. Stephen, having grown attached to Lil' C, kept it in secret. The fact that Lil' C was still around was revealed during a mostly-uneventful Society meeting, when it drank a full flask of Firebrand Whiskey, an act which was believed to be impossible beforehand. Following a short and useless trial, Stephen was permitted to keep Lil' C as a pet.


Adorability: It is, according to Stephen, very huggable.

Insanity-inducing: Lil' C does not share this attribute with its elder brethren, although, considering the nature of the Society, it actually might and nobody's been able to tell the difference.