Name Life
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Fate-Cracking Moment Here"

Life is one of the Sovereigns, the group of Immaculated Sues and Stus who serve Runoa directly. By the Sue ranking she is defined as Level 10.


Life is the puppeteer of the Sovereigns, able to control any object as she sees fit.


Life has fiery red hair which tends to curl, and orange eyes. She is of average height and build, and usually wears simple robes of various colours.


From the little that the Society have seen of her, Life seems to be cunning and a shrewed opponent. She is very clever, and quick to think of retaliation if she is attacked. As many things fall to her manipulation power she has little sympathy for her enemies and no qualms about morality or fairness. At the end of the day, everything is just a puppet to her.


Life first appeared alongside Runoa and Resolve in the Matrix fandom, interrupting a routine mission by Phoenixia. The target Stu was killed and Phoenixia engaged the group after a fierce exchange with Runoa. Initially Life was content to watch the battle unfold, but after Tash arrived and laid a critical hit on Resolve, Life entered the fight herself, revealing her powers as a puppeteer, and sucessfully fighting back against the leader. As the fight progressed, Life proved the extent of her control by swarming Tash with human puppets. The leader managed to incinerate them all, but tore her legs up with flash step in the process. Before Resolve and Life could kill her however, Tash was saved by Silri.

Powers and Abilities[]

Life has the power to turn her energy into 'threads' which she can then use in the fashion of a puppeteer to control anything she desires. She usually ties one thread around each finger and thumb in order to give her a full range of movement and ability from her puppets. Her speed with the threads is deadly, and there is no known way to break them.