Name Lexi
Gender Female
Age 8
Introduced In TBA

Lexi is Valerie's dog.


Lexi is a nine-pound Bishon Frise who has yet to be introduced to the Society archives. She is white and fluffy and very long in the body, with a bottlebrush tail that curls over her back. She is strikingly intelligent, and has been known to trick dogs four or five times her size by exploiting loopholes in the rules of doggy etiquite: stealing toys while prostrate on her back, for example.

Her hobbies include snuggling, sleeping, staring out the window, running like a spaz in figure-eights around the living room once a day, chasing squirrels and rabbits, lazing around the house, and generally acting like a cat. Treats bore her after a while, and laser pointers and flashlights hold no interest for her. She will, however, consent to having her ears tied up over her head, and will put up with any form of cuddling from just about anyone. She's terrified of loud, popping noises (i.e. balloons, fireworks, etc). She has a facination with the taste of the inside of humans' ears.

Sometimes, if she's bored and no one will play with her, Lexi will play fetch with herself - tossing a toy with her mouth and running to catch it. She's fast enough to do it, too.