Leonor Cassidy
Name Leonor Cassidy
Gender Female
Age 22
Introduced In "Insert Pun on Genetic Mutation Here"

Leonor Chelle Cassidy is a Level 5 Sue.


Leonor seems to be a traditional canon-bending Sue working alone on a search for romance and power, though her appearances have so far been few.


Leonor is 5'6" tall with short black hair and an asymmetrical fringe. She has traditionally Sue-like flawless pale skin and big brown eyes with long lashes, which help to make her look a fair bit younger than her twenty two years when she so desires. She has so far only been seen in skinny jeans and various oversized t-shirts, and she has studs in her nose, her tongue and her eyebrow.


Leonor's first appearance was in the X Files fandom, where she brazenly set out to seduce Agent Mulder. When Jess was sent to track her down, this was revealed as a purely attention-seeking action, attempting to lure the not-exactly-amazingly-strong Society Agent to her side. Her aim was to use X Files technology to get Jess under her control and so have a mole in the Society.

This failed with a bang when Jess' first tattoo revealed itself to have earth-moving tendencies, and Leonor was taken by force to the Basement.

During the invasion of the Library, Leonor disappeared. It was generally assumed that she had been terminated, and she was added to the casualty list. However, instead of joining with the other Sues in the battle, she scarpered and lay low until popping up in the Glee fandom.

By the time Society Agents got into the fandom, Leonor had realised she'd been found and disappeared yet again, after causing some havoc in the romantic lives of several canon characters. It seemed that somehow she had been using the power released by her changes to gain power, according to the monitors boosting her from a Level 4 to a Level 5 Sue.

It was not known where she scooted off to until the monitors announced her presence in the Big Bang Theory fandom, where she had taken herself to approximately ten years before the series began, hoping to warp canon enough to boost herself up another level. This failed when Jess popped up to interrupt her yet again, though the Agent was in such a bad mood she neglected to Copyright a certain canon character, and Leonor ended up escaping again thanks to a perfectly timed textbook-to-the-head incident.


As yet, Leonor has not been involved in any battle situations where she would have to reveal her powers. However, she clearly has a strong grasp of canon-manipulation, as seen from her dramatic changes to the Glee fandom. She has also demonstrated a good sense of technology-usage in the X Files fandom. In the Big Bang Theory fandom, she clumsily attempted to use a knife, and failed, indicating that she's not that great at physical combat.