Name Leonard
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Pun on Genetic Mutation Here"

Leonard is... well, nobody quite knows what he is. He was originally a canon character from the X-Files, but is now (allegedly) under the control of Jess.



He didn't start off well in life. He didn't split properly from his twin in the womb and ended up underdeveloped and attached to his brother at the waist. He thus somewhat resembles a deformed baby, with stick-like skinny arms and legs, and very large teeth. When his alcoholic brother started to die from liver problems, Leonard discovered the ability to split from him, and began a search for a "new brother". Whenever he found a suitable target, he would burrow into their side with his teeth, thus killing them. Mulder and Scully were sent in to sort things out, and in the confusion of a chase scene, Leonard was presumed dead, eaten by a sideshow geek.

However, Jess was in the fandom at the time sorting out Leonor Chelle Cassidy, and had unwittingly left her giant handbag open. Attracted by the vast array of pharmaceutical products that could keep him alive, Leonard slunk inside and stowed away back to the Library.

Life in the Library[]

After manning-up and determining to get over her fear of Leonard, Jess decided to tame him and make him her sidekick. He currently resides in a cage in the Room of Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, though Jess has started dragging his cage around the Library to expose him to people and stop him from trying to bite everyone he sees. He cannot talk, though he occasionally makes horrible shrieking noises when he gets angry and has shown the ability to growl whenever Jess drinks cider (possibly in response to the alcoholism of his ex-brother). Jess hopes this means he has functional vocal cords and will someday be able to hold a sensible conversation. Due to his stick-like limbs Leonard cannot walk, preferring to drag himself about on his hands. Jess has started letting him out of his cage occasionally though he still has a tendency to go for ankles.

Jess' main way of attempting to civilise Leonard has been by reading him trashy chick-lit novels and playing him Nightwish songs on a loop. Some have expressed doubts as to whether this will succeed, but Jess certainly has determination. She hopes that one day he will achieve human empathy from the chick-lit...and a good taste in music from Nightwish. She has already bought him a Nightwish t-shirt and is now looking forward to the day when she can wrestle him into it.