Lela Kai-Lee
Name Lela Kai-Lee
Gender Female
Age 17
Introduced In "Insert Ridiculously Appropriately Meaningful Kanji Here"

Lela Persim Spica Clover Ginger Sarah Minnie Koi (レラ・恋 Rera Koi), who at certain points took the surnames Kai-Lee (カイ・リー Kai Rī) and Ono-Kuran (オノ・クラン Ono Kuran), was a Level 6 Sue.


"When she was just a girl she expected the world."

She was a Level 1 Sue when she was found in the Vampire Knight fandom. Lela was a simpler Sue to fight because her motivation for hopping from fandom to fandom was only a search for true love; of course, no matter how many times Lela thought she'd found that "special someone", she was still just a Sue that bent the characters of a fandom to her own will.


In Vampire Knight, Lela represented herself as a half-Pureblood vampire. Her fully Pureblood mother had supposedly taken a human lover who helped conceive Lela, and he also raised her - seeing as her mother died in childbirth - before he too died. Her stereotypically tragic past and prominent good looks - short but lustrous dark hair, slender and robust figure, iris-tinted eyes - helped Lela seduce Zero Kiryuu, a canon main character.

In the D.Gray-man fandom, Lela shed her surname of "Ono-Kuran" for "Kai-Lee". In the manga version of D.Gray-man, she seemed to have once again seduced a canon main character, Allen Walker. Her "tagalong Agent" and once-removed sister Karissa noted that Allen - at 15 - was rather young for Lela. Lela replied that the other lead males had too many faults for her taste, and "I don't date above my age. That rules out all the rest of the hot guys."

Lela has also appeared in the following fandoms, where she's seduced consecutively younger boys each time: Kuroshitsuji with 13 year-old Ciel. It's believed that it was in Kuroshitsuji that Lela grew to become a Level 6.

Ever since her confrontation with Karissa in the Kuroshitsuji fandom, Lela's seemed to switch tactics. She employed Emma Ai in the Jigoku Shoujo fandom to engage in a mind-game with Charis. In the Midnighters fandom, her and Viva Skerry kidnapped two of the main characters - about to remove the other three as well - so that when Karissa and Charis arrived they would be incapable of fighting off the Darklings that comprised her trap. Lela appears to hold a grudge against her Author and her fellow characters, but she has been unable to destroy Karissa and Charis so far. According to Charis, when Cay decided to stop writing Lela's story she had put her into a comfortable retirement (presumably in a pocket universe) but Lela reacted the same as if she’d been tossed into the Vault of Abandoned Ideas.

In the Crimson Shell fandom Lela went undetected for quite a while, and when Karissa and Charis found her they were surprised to find that she'd struck up a sincere friendship with Jet Rose Shion Liddell, for once forgoing her deceptive seductions. Even more surprising, Lela was teaching Shion not to kill, and she wanted to learn how to stop being a Sue as well. Lela finally described the depths of her feelings for her Author Cay, and Karissa emphasized with her, stating that she had gone through the ptretty much the same (except for Lela choosing to become a Sue when their Author continued to neglect them). Having reached an understanding with Karissa, Lela was about to turn herself in for Permanent Prohibition and a life of detention inside the Library, before she was killed by Viva Skerry. Because her formal contract with Viva stated that she needed protection from the Society "as long as she lived", once she no longer feared the Society the demon chose to interpret that Lela no longer needed to live.

Lela's body was recovered from the wreck of part of the Crimson Shell fandom by Karissa, and Cay appeared to hold an impromptu service for her fallen creation. It is presumed Cay took Lela's body with her when she left. Lela's death has acted as a point of conciliation between Karissa and Cay. In her eulogy, Cay revealed that Lela's true surname was 恋 (koi) meaning "love, tender passion".


Lela possessed a wind-based ability that distorts a person's balance and sense of direction, in addition to cutting through skin with all the lethality of knives. Lela's Author once stated that Lela would not acquire powers other than this, which she originally had in Vampire Knight (meaning it didn't matter how many future fandoms she might infiltrate), however in lieu of power boosts Lela had found others to do her dirty work for her.

Lela's primary companion - effectively a bodyguard - was the Sue Viva Skerry. It has been proven that Bookmarks and Booklights were effective against Lela, because she previously sported a pair of floor-length cocker spaniel ears, but she tore them out to lure this demonic Sue with pain, blood and a soul. Lela was previously written as an empath, to some extent, but Viva later taught her how to use her powers towards violence in spite of her conflicting emotions.

A blessed Copyright should have worked on Lela as she remained associated with Cay up to her death.