Kyoukai Kaneyama
Name Kyoukai Kaneyama
Gender Female
Age 17
Introduced In "Insert Passionately Hyped Idol Ship Here"

Kyoukai Kaneyama (金山境界 Kaneyama Kyōkai) is a Level 5 Sue.


"Kyoukai" means "boundary" in Japanese. While not a commonly used name by weeaboos, it is very easy to put together, with the name "Kyou" and an added two syllables for flair.


Kyoukai entered the "Macross Frontier fandom in the hopes of pairing Alto Saotome with Sheryl Nome, but was stopped because another Sue, Kiseki Nakamura, was present, supporting Sheryl's technical rival in love, Ranka Lee. Thus, Kyoukai murdered Ranka in an attempt to help the shipping, but as it turned out, Kiseki had also murdered Ranka. Kyoukai then attempted to fight Kiseki by inciting riots, although she never got anywhere since said riots were countered by Kiseki's riots.

Aster, Chrys, and Akai were sent to stop her. Akai eventually threatened Kyoukai with death if she didn't resurrect Ranka. After Kyoukai resurrected Ranka, Akai killed Kyoukai anyway.