Kyle Griswold
Name Kyle Griswold
Gender Male
Age 21
Introduced In "Insert Aimless Gunshots Here"

Kyle Griswold is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Kyle is one of the less social members of the Society. While he couldn't really tell you how the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society first caught his attention, he will tell you that he's dang proud to call himself a member. He generally refers to his self-insert as his Author Self and it basically represents both the kind of person he is and what he wants to become. More often than not, he relies on external weaponry to deal with threats as he usually doesn't use his own abilities because of their repercussions, which usually inflict as much or more damage to him than the target.

If he isn't in a serious situation, he'll take the easy route on things. For example, Adrian has traps set up to guard almost all of his sweets. Kyle wouldn't bother trying to get any of the sweets because of this as he thinks it's much easier and safer to just go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. Or he could just eat any of the sweets he usually stores in his Hammerspace, or Astral Vault as he refers to it. If he is pushed into a serious situation, then expect him to be willing to go to any lengths to resolve the conflict with as little loss of life as he believes possible.

Generally, he prefers to have something to do, as it gives him a way to work off energy. If he doesn't have something to do for certain periods of time, then he'll usually get bored. When he's bored, he'll generally start to act randomly...if he believes himself to be alone, that is. He believes this to be normal, so don't expect him to get embarrassed if you catch him being random. His usual responses to someone who sees him do this is, "What?" in a 'do you have a problem with this?' kind of tone or if he is asked what he is doing, "What does it look like I'm doing?" in a sarcastic tone.

More often than not, he's a serious and deep thinker. While he doesn't usually debate philosophy, he does enjoy deep conversations with other deep thinkers. Also, he's always thinking up new ways to use his abilities. After all, he tends to follow this line of thought, "Power is only as versatile as the Imagination of the user". Music is also important to Kyle, as he is almost always listening to music if he can. This is usually only while he is doing things in his room unless he takes out a "Mood Music Maker" device that he keeps with him in his Astral Vault. The music he listens to is generally more indicative of his mood than his face is, though he can be quite expressive of big feelings. Also, he usually has annoyance and frustration on hair triggers and, since he is aware of this, generally tries to avoid most of the Society if he can.

He sees Adrian and Tash as the "main" leaders, as he has made hardly any contact with the others. Because of this, he generally listens only to their orders. Though, while they have his trust and respect, he isn't blindly loyal. He won't hesitate to let them or anyone else know, in no uncertain terms, what he thinks of them or what they're doing.

When it comes to dealing with pain, Kyle will generally ignore it to the best of his ability. Though, headaches are usually less ignored than most other body pains, unless the pain is rather severe. If he feels like the pains are too severe to ignore, but not severe enough to go to the medical ward, he'll pop some average pain medicine and wait it out.

Weapons, Items, and Abilities[]

Outside of the standard issue gadgets made by the Society, Kyle utilizes any weaponry he can get his hands on. In his Astral Vault, he holds at least a dozen of any non-unique weapon you can think of. Also expect him to be crazy prepared for almost any situation that can arise around him when he reaches into his Vault to get stuff. This reflects heavily in his fighting style, as it's all about versatility and adaptation to anything he comes across. His main ability is Energy Manipulation, focusing mostly on the bio-energies that exist in his own body though he can use any energy source that he understands within a limited range of a couple meters around him. The main downside to his Energy Manipulation is the fact that he can't draw any energy from living sources other than himself and it's because he draws energy from himself to use his Innate Abilities that they have drawbacks. In addition, for him to use Energy Manipulation to attack with, he must first channal the energy into something, himself and the Omni-weapon are the most common available objects. He can only use existing energy sources for his power and even then, he needs to know that the energy is there before he can actively use it. While he does do research to understand energy, both real and fictional kinds, he only uses his understanding of fictional types to defend against them; he won't try to actively wield them.


Main article: Omni-Weapon

This is his one unique weapon, handmade himself out of a metal called Realitium. It's basic appearance is that of a smooth, seamless sphere about four inches in diameter. According to him, the sphere is actually under a lot of compression and it's actual size is about six meters in diameter. With all the compression its under, it can't actually change into a weapon. Instead, the parts of the weapon form out of the sphere. Also, how he uses it depends on whether he's showing it off or not. If he is, then expect to see big impractical weapons, like Cloud Strife's Buster Sword. If not, then he'll go for more battle practical weapons that take personal space and terrain into account. While he can use it to make almost any weapon he can think of, the size of the sphere makes most smaller weapons impractical at best. It's major flaw is the fact that it can not make it's own projectiles, though it can still use them if you have them on hand. He is the only person who can use the Omni-Weapon as it requires both his DNA and Vital signs in order for it to activate unless he resets the parameters it checks.

Realitium itself works well with Kyle's Energy Manipulation abilities as its good at conducting multiple types of energy naturally. All energy that contacts the Omni-weapon, while Kyle isn't actively manipulating it, is stored in the sphere until extracted somehow. It can be used as a powerful battery because of this. Recently, Kyle has added an extra safeguard to the Omni-weapon to prevent outright theft; a limited consciousness that acts like a "bouncer" for the weapon. While segregated from most of the other functions, it can temporarily override the other security functions to allow a Society Agent to wield it if the situation calls for it.

Deck Strategy[]

For the most part, his deck is whatever he decides to play with. However, if he had to choose a consistent theme, it'd be Dragons...especially Light Dragons. If he is using Dragons, then it's guarantied that he'll have as many Blue-eyes cards as he can fit into it without ruining the deck. Other than the Blue-eyes, he'll probably not use any cards Seto Kaiba would use. He doesn't like Seto Kaiba all that much. A recent part of his deck strategy is to use his Dragons and their support to punish defensive play. Two things to remember about his dueling habits; First is the fact that he's a bit of a stickler for theme, i.e. if you play Crystal Beasts then don't play Cyber Dragon, this will just tick him off; Second, he doesn't know how to hold back in a duel so even friendly duels may get a bit heated.

Because of the many changes in the Dub versions, he tends to use terms from the Japanese versions of the Shows, in English. This also means that he says chants when summoning Synchro Monsters. His bipolar luck with drawing could be considered something of a running gag, as he tends to have starting hands that mean victory or defeat within a couple turns or him getting a good first hand only to find out his opponent got a better one.

Astral Vault[]

This is a dimensional extension of his personal space, meaning it can only exist while he does. He can store practically anything into it, though he has never tested this on a living creature. There is no known upper limit to the size of what is being stored. Anything that is stored into his Astral Vault can be mentally manipulated at will as long as it stays in the Astral Vault. So long as something stays in his Vault, he shall always remember that it is in there. Whether he reaches in himself or has the object drop into his hand, he has to remain still to do it. Reaching into the Vault himself does not require as much concentration as dropping the object directly into his hand. Anyone who asks can gain access to his Astral Vault, so long as he is willing to let them into his personal space.


A special card Kyle got as a request to a gadget developer in exchange for several favors. This card allows him practically limitless money in any Fandom that uses credit/debit cards. In addition, it can also act as a phone card when needed, provided that the payphone in question has a slot for it to check a card. Note, he can't use this card to extract money from banks or ATMs.

Innate Abilities[]

These are his main skills that don't involve weaponry. They are Energy Manipulation channelled into his limbs to offensive combat. Each drawback will be listed with the known skills.

  • Deadly Impact: A powerful punch from his dominant hand. Its drawback is the force of the blow will recoil back and strike him just as hard.
  • Titanic Blow: A more powerful strike using both of his fists. Its drawback is the same as the Deadly Impact.
  • Aurora Grenade: A sphere of ever shifting color that explodes on impact. Its drawback is the user loses use of the arm that channeled it for a minute.
  • Blasting Quake: A stomp that generate an explosion that speeds towards its target(s) or speads out in an exploding ring. Its drawback is that the user is knocked off their feet by the starting explosion occurring right underneath the user's feet.
  • Compressed Bomber: A compression of energy held between his hands that explodes on hard contact. Its drawback is the arms are singed in said explosion.
  • Radiance Barrage: A rapid assault of punches, it has very little recoil due to the minimal amount of energy used per punch. Its drawback is each punch that connects leave him with a pinprick sized cut.
  • The End: One of his most powerful abilities. It's an intense blast of chaotic, fiery energy that creates an incredible explosion. Its drawback, besides the huge amount of energy needed to use it, is the likelyhood of himself getting caught in the resulting explosion.
  • Millennium Breaker: One of his most powerful abilities. The only thing known about it is it generates an incredible flash of light. Its drawback, other than its massive energy requirement, hasn't been revealed yet.


Accelerator is an ability Kyle adapted from the Wild Arms Fandom. It works just like its name implies; once activated, the user can move at almost any speed they want. This is because the Accelerator generates large amounts of biokinetic enegy in an instant. However, in the process of increasing the user's speed, it also increases the user's metabolic rates proportionally. Kyle has set a safeguard that prevents him from activating it when he is hungry. Though, he can still maintain it while hungry IF he activates it when he isn't. It does run the risk of starvation if held for too long because of this.

Soul Form[]

Soul Form allows Kyle to take on the form of his Soul Image. It's physically draining, and hurts like heck, usually the user is only able to shift to and from the form once before needing to rest. How big and powerful the form is depends on the amount of energy Kyle has when he starts the transformation. In his own words, Kyle says that the Soul Form is related to the Worldly Secret Art, but is a completely different technique altogether. If the user is struck while transforming, the transformation is canceled while the energy the transformation had used up until then is lost. Because a smart opponent would attack while the shifting is occurring, Kyle won't usually use this technique unless he was either hidden or guarded.

Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art[]

This technique allows the user to transcend the limits of their mortal body temporarily. Doing so allows for energy manipulation on an Epic scale, if not a Godly one. Also, the user's mind is no longer limited to just the mortal senses; Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Hearing. Because of this, they gain knowledge that no mortal could ever uncover without divine aid and it becomes impossible to deceive the user. When the user speaks while they have the Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art active, they speak in what can only be called an Ascended language. Anyone who doesn't also speak and understand this language will still understand it as if the words of the language itself want to be understood. The highest level of the Worldly Secret Art creates a kind of soul image that directly reflects the user's true potential, though hardly anyone can comprehend it.

While Kyle's Innate Abilities have drawbacks that leave him bedridden for a few days at worst, the Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art has a far worse drawback. The technique allows the user to transcend the limits of their mortal body by burning their Candle of Life brighter. In burning it brighter, the user's very lifespan is shortened, sometimes dramatically. At the technique's highest level, years can be burned off of the user's lifespan in moments. Thus, this is a technique that no mortal could ever sustain. Also, in order for the user to even initiate this technique, their mind must be completely calm and in control. After his battle against Kaylee Phillis Grim, the Leaders of the Society have made Kyle swear that he won't use this technique again. He'd willingly break this promise if it meant the lives of other Society members would perish without it.

Here is a list of attacks Kyle has used while the Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art is in effect. There are far more, but the Author hasen't used them in a story yet.

  • Infinite Symphony: A seemingly endless barrage of homing lasers.
  • Endless Phantasia: Countless blades of energy.
  • Limitless Wonder: A massive curtain of meteor-like missiles.
  • Absolute Corridor: A colossal beam of energy.


  • Kyle has Asperger Syndrome, though he's not been officially diagnosed.
  • He has the goal of becoming a novel writer.
  • He is very much a fan of many anime, manga and video games.
  • One of his favorite sayings is, "Turn Sadness into Kindness, turn Pain into Strength."
  • Because his Energy Manipulation is completely mental, him calling out his attack names is merely a way for him to focus his energy better.
  • His favorite animals, real or otherwise, are the various kinds of dragons.
  • Since he's fought alongside the Little Plastic Green Beret plenty of times against Shirley, they consider him an ally.
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