Name Kiya
Gender Female
Age 15 (approximate)
Introduced In "Insert Unexpected Random Event Here"

Kiya (きや Kiya) was a Level 1/Level 6 Sue.


Kiya was a brief Sue in the Azumanga Daioh fandom who seemed harmless (a Level 1) but was chased after by everyone to ease the boredom. However, nobody expected that she had a strange attack, "Ultra-Mega-Irresistible-Chibi-Kawaii-Cuteness-Roll", which increased her moe factor by 700% and bumped her up to Level 6, making all of the girls fawn over her for her cuteness. In the end, the boys had to drag her - and the girls - into the Library Basement and pry the girls off.

Kiya was presumably released, and subsequently killed, when Willowe freed all of the Sues from the basement.