Kiseki Nakamura
Name Kiseki Nakamura
Gender Female
Age 17
Introduced In "Insert Passionately Hyped Idol Ship Here"

Kiseki Nakamura (中村奇跡 Nakamura Kiseki) is a Level 5 Sue.


Kiseki's first name means "miracle" in Japanese, and is a commonly used name by weeaboos.


She entered the Macross Frontier fandom with the intent of pairing Ranka up with Alto. Of course, fan ship wars got in the way and she found that not only was there Sheryl in the way, but also another Sue, Kyoukai Kaneyama, who also supported Sheryl. Kiseki took initiative and, instead of persuading Alto to go with Ranka, she thus murdered Sheryl in the night.

To her horror she found that during the same night, Kyoukai had murdered Ranka. The two started to battle against each other, ineffectively starting off riots in favor of certain characters which would always end in draws, not helped by the entrance of Aster, Chrys, and Akai. Eventually, Akai, who was a Sheryl fan and hated Kiseki for this reason, threatened both her and Kyoukai with death if they didn't resurrect the two idol singers. But even after Kiseki resurrected Sheryl, Akai murdered her anyway, then proceeded to dispose of her in a very gory manner.