Kiriko Kuramoto
Name Kiriko Kuramoto
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert Extremely Convoluted Musical Sense Here"

Kiriko Kuramoto (蔵本きりこ Kuramoto Kiriko) was a Level 4 Sue.


Kiriko was first found in the K-On! fandom, and was responsible for adding an extra year to the Japanese high school system. She befriended the cast of four girls and started to instigate yuri relationships, even slowly getting Azusa Nakano to fall in love with her.

Chrys and Aster accosted her there where they were easily able to catch her, but they were stopped by Sawako. Kiriko took the chance and used Mio's old bass to charm the whole school into actually liking the light music club, and took attention away from the captors. Chrys scared the school with her magical-desu-powas and Kiriko was captured, Prohibited and thrown in the Basement.

She regained her musical abilities when Willowe took siege to the Library, but was killed in the battle.