Name Karissa
Gender Female
Age 18
Introduced In "Insert Ridiculously Appropriately Meaningful Kanji Here"

Karissa is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


"I'm fine so long as I can breathe."


Karissa is 5'10", dark-headed, Asian (just a hint of Cantonese blood, to be precise), and pale. She refuses to disclose even her fictional weight. As if to accentuate her skin pigmentation, she used to wear a short red trenchcoat over a likewise short red miniskirt, and the shoes she wore on her feet could be described as flats with a single strap that looped around each ankle (think Red Strap Shoes from MapleStory). However, recently she's changed her outfit to reflect her state of mourning. She now wears black knee-length overalls over a black spaghetti-strap tank top, and black rockinghorse shoes on her feet. She's tied a red silk sash around her waist, in which she carries around her newly acquired weapon Gekkou.


It's not that Karissa is two-faced, but there is quite simply a side of herself that she's ashamed to let others see. Normally, she tries to project a cheerful and all-around agreeable personality towards any of her fellow Agents that she may see. The rest of the time, Karissa can be extremely introverted as a result of being a) morose, b) oblivious, or c) engrossed in a book. Karissa has a sense of humour, but personally is not funny but sarcastic.


Karissa joined the Society out of admiration for both its exploits and the great purpose behind them. In particular, she was impressed by rumours of Ben's first solo mission in The World Ends With You fandom.

Like Aster, Willie, and Doug, she is not a self-insert. She may have started out as one - for maybe five seconds at most, she was one - but then her Author, Cay, gave her a personality entirely her own. Karissa is the most opiniated and straightforward of her family of original characters. She was created in the First Generation, so although she has a close companion in her sister Charis, her Author never made her a significant other.

Although Karissa is infrequently active, she has been on missions to a variety of fandoms. Most of the time she pursued a Sue very familiar to her - Lela Koi, who was created by the same Author - but in Crimson Shell Lela was murdered. Her death destroyed the little animosity Karissa harboured towards the Sue, but any ill feelings she had is now tripled in regards to Lela's murderer Viva Skerry.

During the events of the battle of the Library Karissa and Charis were whisked away by Cay before either of them could fully understand what was happening. They were not returned to their native story; rather, it's as if the time of the invasion held no place in their memories. When the sisters returned to the Library they learned of the fate of Willowe's Sues and of Adrian's death. Karissa was affected by the Librarian's death, but she managed to maintain her composure while in the public areas of the Library. She was concerned about the well-being of Tash, who she knew much better than Adrian.

At the time of her mission to The Vampire Diaries, Karissa seemed to have come to terms with the deaths of both an Agent and a Sue close to her. She acted carefree during that mission, and even took on a series of vampire-related missions afterwards with less fuss than expected. She was one of the Agents initially attracted to the burst of energy released upon Adrian's resurrection, and she was glad to find he lived.

When the Anthropomorphiser broke and turned everyone into cats, Karissa was turned into a calico with "only a sprinkling of orange and browny-black across her otherwise-white ears and back". She liked "sneaking round all the other cats before she made herself noticeable by falling over dizzy", and that was how Adrian maaged to identify her.


The two people Karissa can be most honest around are her sister Charis and her Author Cay. Karissa has a strong sibling bond with Charis, and although she's the younger of the two she sometimes acts older in their relationship. On the other hand, Karissa seems to share a publicly love/hate friendship with her Author (maybe it leans more towards love, but privately). Once, Karissa has already coerced Cay into assisting her on pain of blackmail. She's told her Author "Shut up!", "Zip it!", and even called her "Hey you!" Like Lela, Karissa harboured a mix of complex emotions towards her Author, resulting in their tense interactions; however, since Lela's death she and Cay have reconciled. It was Cay who gifted Gekkou to Karissa.

Karissa looks up to Ben as a role model, and she enthusiastically took the steps to become Lily's friend. Recently, however, her loyalties have become divided. What with Ben having less and less time to spend with his girlfriend, she's begun to feel indignation towards Ben on Lily's behalf.

Karissa has come to know Chloe, Jared and Pete through Charis.

She'd shared several missions with Doug, but didn't formally strike his acquaintance until Charis introduced them.

She once partnered with Tyler on a mission, but that one didn't end well.

She's also been a target of the Little Plastic Green Beret. In most cases, she's had to protect Charis from them, and so she's been far more agressive - rather than defensive - with the miniature soldiers.

Weapons and Abilities[]


Karissa can turn invisible - rather, she becomes unnoticeable - but using her power for extended periods of time causes dizziness. Karissa gained her invisibility in a previous story that her Author wrote for her; actually, it was a roleplay. Who knows what other powers she might hold latent?


Karissa has recently begun using a Japanese manriki as a weapon to supplement her knowledge of martial arts. Its name is Gekkou, and it takes the appearance of long thin chain with surprising strength, weighted at the ends with long slender spikes of dense metal. When Karissa goes invisible, so does her weapon.


  • At the age of 13, she cut her hair Mulan-style and for a time her black locks were woefully short.
  • Karissa is an Agent especially prone to Chrys' desu sparkles. She should be kept away from the spectacle at all costs. Failure to do so will result in her staring at the sparkles, which puts her at risk of her brain going blank.
  • Karissa is ambidextrous.
  • Karissa once considered becoming a Sue like Lela did. However, it "disagreed" with her.
  • Up until the point that she decided to reject Sueism, Revamp's "Kill Me With Silence" greatly described Karissa's resentment at her treatment by her Author.
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