Name Joe
Gender Male
Age 22
Introduced In "Insert Name Ending with "ix" Here"

Joe is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Joe has dark brown hair and dark green eyes. He looks to be around 20 years old, and is 182 cm tall.

He usually wears a black futuristic suit, and matching boots. He has a big pouch on his lower back, which he uses to store various items, such as his plothole generator, Prohibitors, a small handgun (for emergencies only), and other things he considers to be useful on a mission. After his travels in the fandom Multiverse, his wardrobe has come to consist of a Starwars Sith robe and a forehead protector from the Naruto fandom. Often, when he enters a fandom, his clothes change their appearance to match it, the exception being in fandoms where his clothes wouldn’t be looked upon as strange.


Joe is the quiet type who can stay in his room for days, only coming out to eat. He enjoys to be by himself, but if one has a plate of cookies or a cake, he would come and talk about anything. He loves music, and his favorite instrument is a taiko drum that he has suspended from the ceiling of his room. When he is not playing on it, he is either writing stories on his computer or reading a good book.

Weapons, Items and Abilities[]

Bio enhancement suit[]

A wristwatch like device filled with a black fluid, which is a biosuit. Joe copied it from a Spiderman fanfiction that his Author wrote but never released. When the suit is released from its containment unit, it spreads over Joe's body and forms a sort of second skin with red eyes and foot-long claws. He can use the claws as they are and slash at his opponents, or he can withdraw into the suit and make them pop out somewhere else on his body. He mostly uses them as either knuckles, a shield, or as a scythe's edge. He can also use the claws as gliding wings by letting the suit fill the gashes between the claws. This makes him able to glide from tall places to safety.

Sith powers[]

During his travels in the fandom multiverse, Joe ended up in the Star Wars fandom where he became the padawan of a newly educated Sith Lord, and learned to use the Force. Joe can use the Force lightning and telekinesis, and his physical abilities are also somewhat enhanced because of his control of the Force. But even with the enhancement the Force gives him, he is not unbeatable.

Light saber[]

A light saber from the Star Wars universe with a yellow blade. It is an unusual color for a Sith's light saber, but he wanted one so he could pose as a Jedi if it was required.

Miscellaneous training[]

The point of Joe's travel through the Multiverse was to become stronger, although the fandoms that he’s traveled most in are Star Wars and Naruto, where he earned the title of Sith and Genin. Among the other fandoms that he visited are Tekken, Mortal Kombat, a bunch of kung-fu movies, and movies with good fighting sequences.

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